Iconic Incineration Line in Denmark | Erick van Egeraat

• September 12, 2008

iconic incineration line2 Iconic Incineration Line in Denmark | Erick van Egeraat

Type: Awarded Competition
Project: Iconic Incineration Line (Local Waste Management Company)
Architect: Erick van Egeraat
Location: Roskilde, Denmark
all images © Erick van Egeraat

Erick van Egeraat has won the international competition for the design of a new incineration line in Roskilde, Denmark for Kara/Noveren, a local waste management company.

I want to engage Incineration Line 6 in a dialogue with its historic and industrial surroundings. Close to the ground we shaped the building to reflect the angular factory roofs of the immediate surroundings. We then let the building culminate in a 100m tall spire. This spire pays the due respect to the existing historic landmark, Roskilde Cathedral, with its trademark twin spires and its warm brick and stone material palette.

Our design rests on standard, readily-available products and simple construction details. We use cutting-edge manufacturing technology to minimise the production costs of the façade and the eye-catching lighting scheme uses standard, energy-efficient fittings

Erick van Egeraat

The building the façade is composed of two layers, in order to fulfil the technical requirements for ventilation, wind and water tightness. The inner layer provides all necessary openings for daylight and air-circulation. This liberates the outer layer from functional requirements and allows for flexibility in the patterning.

Laser-cut circular openings cover the raw umber-coloured aluminium façade. At night, backlighting of the perforated façade transforms the incinerator into a glowing beacon, symbolising the energy production inside the facility. For a few minutes every hour a spark gradually grows into a blazing flame eating up the entire building. The metaphoric fire then ceases, and the building falls into a state of burning embers.

iconic incineration line Iconic Incineration Line in Denmark | Erick van Egeraaticonic incineration line1 Iconic Incineration Line in Denmark | Erick van Egeraat

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  1. The building may be nice, but not what happens inside. Incineration must be stopped and changed to kryo- recycling and other methods:


  2. Here you find a petition for more recycling and against incineration:
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