Bridge Tea House | Fernando Romero

• October 30, 2008

bridging teahouse Bridge Tea House | Fernando Romero

Project: Bridge Tea House
Architect: Fernando Romero (Mexico)
Location: Jinhua Architectural Park, Jinhua, CHINA
images © Iwan Baan / Fernando Romero

Further to the previous post of ‘children playground’ house, Final Wooden House | Sou Fujimoto Architects. Here again a oddly shaped tiny building, Bridge Tea House, designed by Mexico architect Fernando Romero.

The Bridge Tea House is one of the 17 pavilions in JinHua Architecture Park along the Yiwu River, where a park dedicated to the memory of the poet Ai Qing, who was born In Jinhua.

bridge museum mexico usa Bridge Tea House | Fernando Romero

Bridge Museum Mexico-Usa

As an architect practicing in Mexico, Fernando Romero had a proposal of Bridge Museum Mexico/USA, that devoted to the migration flows between the Mexico and United States. The similar conceptual approach, the Bridge Tea House project explores the typological interaction between the conceived forms of a tea house and a bridge, it is ideally and physically spanning over the pond in oddly shaped truss, creates a variety of complex that framing the views to the park, with containing “several micro ambience platforms” that allow sequences of  experience while enjoying a cup of tea.

+ architect’s statement

Our concept is based on two fundamental elements in the typological conformation of Chinese gardens: the bridge and the teahouse. Since our site was next to a water pond, we wanted to unify both those typologies into one single structure. Contemplation of the environment was the main goal. To achieve an intimate relationship with nature, the continuous concrete structure contains several micro ambience platforms that allow each group of users to have a different experience while enjoying a cup of tea. The division between the different individual ‘cells’ is at the same time the structural maze that allows the pavilion to span over the pond.

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  1. Armando says:

    Fernando Romero is responsible for the avant-garde design of the new museum Soumaya. This will become the new icon of the mexico city. Also The museum is next to open in late February.