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• October 3, 2008

fiftytwodegrees 5 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architecten

Type: 1st prize in the 2002 competition
Project: FiftyTwoDegrees, Business Innovation Centre
Architect: Mecanoo architecten
Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Total area: 70,000 square meters
Completed: 2008
Structural Engineer: ARUP (competition)
Client: Ballast Nedam Bouw, Arnhem ICE Ontwikkeling, Nijmegen
Architectural Drawings courtesy Mecanoo architecten
Photographed by Christian Richters

FiftyTwoDegrees, a Business Innovation Centre with 86 meter tall tower stands on a slope and is fluidly yet excitingly absorbed into surrounding Goffert Park. The lower eight floors of the seventeen-story tower are ten degrees out of plumb, creating an inviting gesture towards the city.

The façade is made of aluminum and glass in a unique and whimsical pattern. In order to shorten the construction time – one floor per week – it was decided to use prefabricated cladding, resulting in a pattern of pixels that gives the facade an abstract appearance.

The architect’s talk, construction progress and other relevant information of this project are available in FiftyTwoDegrees.

fiftytwodegrees 2 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architectenfiftytwodegrees 1 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architectenfiftytwodegrees 7 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architectenfiftytwodegrees 8 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architectenfiftytwodegrees 13 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architecten

fiftytwodegrees 9 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architecten

Site Plan

fiftytwodegrees 10 FiftyTwoDegrees | Mecanoo Architecten

Typical Carparking Floor Plan

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