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• October 26, 2008

house o House O | Sou Fujimoto Architects

House O, designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, who is a one of Japan’s most promising young architects in Japan. Sou Fujimoto believes architect should create a better living environment to the end user. The wall is not just the tool to divide the space but is how space in between people can share.

The House O is a weekend house for a couple – located on the coast, two hours from Tokyo. The plan creates a continuous space that branches off into the separate rooms/space, and eventually offer various view to the ocean.

+ architect’s statement

A weekend house for a couple located on a rocky coast two hours drive from Tokyo. They are planning to settle down this place in the future. The site is a rocky stretch facing the Pacific Ocean with approaches sloping down to the water level. The characteristic of its plan, imagined like the branches of a tree, is a continuous one room. All the required spaces, entrance, living area, dining area, kitchen, bed room, Japanese style room, study room and bath room are arranged in this continuous one room. “House with feeling of ocean nearby” is the request from the client. Responding this image, I thought of creating “various ocean”. Panoramic view of the ocean, ocean looking from recesses of a cave, enclosed ocean and a place like projected above the ocean. Oriented in different directions, one can find various views of the ocean walking throughout the house. Living area, bedroom and bathroom each has its unique relation to the ocean. One could say the house is akin to a walking trail along a coast, one could happen by a panoramic view, sometimes feel the ocean at the back or find the ocean through a small gap. And comfortable spaces to settle are scattered along the trail. Those spaces are the original image for this project. Interminable spaces continuing over and over without any clear border, just as something before it separates, I intended architecture to be primitive, “in between natural and man-made“.

+ project credits

Project: House O
Architect: Sou Fujimoto Architects
Location: Chiba, Japan
Site area: 656.46 sq m
Building area: 128.94 sq m
Total floor area: 128.94 sq m
Structure: RC; 1 stories
Principal use: residence
Image © Daichi Ano

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