Melissa Plastic Shoe + Zaha Hadid

• October 9, 2008

melissa zaha hadid1 Melissa Plastic Shoe + Zaha Hadid

Pritzker Prize-winning starchitect Zaha Hadid, recently stepped out of her comfort zone to team up with the innovative footwear brand Melissa, which is a Brazilian firm specializing in plastic shoes, to launch their collaboration: architectural, asymmetric, injection-moulded plastic footwear.

The previous Zaha’s collaboration with Chanel was to design a ‘mobile art container‘. As a great designer, is always seeking for a change when it happens,

I’ve always wanted to expand what I do, I want to build my repertoire; to take from one discipline, and apply to another. I’ve often thought about the possibility of moving into other areas of the industry, but had no idea that I could interpret and apply what I was learning in regard to architecture, in so many different ways.
Zaha Hadid

+ interview with The Independent

I’d known of the brand for some time, and I’ve always really loved shoes, generally. A few years ago, I was invited by Melissa to work with them on a pair of our own creation. We’ve worked closely ever since, to produce something visually amazing, but also wearable.

+ The making of a large scale model of a pair was installed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

melissa zaha hadid Melissa Plastic Shoe + Zaha Hadid

melissa zaha hadid3 150x150 Melissa Plastic Shoe + Zaha Hadidmelissa zaha hadid2 150x150 Melissa Plastic Shoe + Zaha Hadid

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  1. Alan says:

    Zaha always is a great designer, hope to see her further step to fashion design, i believe will look like space man…