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• October 31, 2008

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Sometimes an impressive building does not mean that a spectacular object, but a building how naturally integrated with the environment, perhaps the landscape scene is more than architecture. Michael Hills Clubhouse, designed by New Zealand’s most internationally recognised architects Patterson Associates, located in the Wakatipu Basin in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, seeks an impression of form having evolved from the same forces that shape the land.

The idea of “belong naturally” and “design sustainably”, the architect has tried to optimise natural climate control that maximising energy efficiency and utilising materials with low embodied energy, the Clubhouse is a sustainable building with low visual and environmental impact.

+ architect’s statement, Patterson Associates

The impression we want is that buildings are formed by the same forces that shaped the land… we wanted earth to be earth, wood to be wood and stone to be stone

Few sports adhere to tradition quite like golf and one of its most stubborn traditions of all is clubhouse architecture. All too often clubhouses are faux historical buildings set ‘’out of bounds’’ with no connection to the land, the idea of what the sport is about or how it integrates with the environment.

To be a world first, the building is situated within the playing bounds. If a ball lands on the grass roof, the player takes the shot from there. Less than a quarter of the Clubhouse protrudes above the grass. The cart store, workshops and service areas are all subterranean. The clubhouse itself is a kitchen/bar/service tunnel and lounge. All access either the courtyard or wide terrace overlooking the 18th green.

+ project credits

Project: Michael Hills Clubhouse
Architect: Patterson Associates
Location: Arrowtown, New Zealand
Builder: RBJ Ltd
Engineers: Tyndall and Hanham Ltd
GRC: Unicast Ltd
Frameless Double Glazing: Thermosash Christchurch
Precast Concrete: Bradfords Precast Ltd
Aluminium Dimple Panels: Metal Concepts Ltd
Joinery: Coronet Woodware Ltd
images © Simon Devitt

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  1. Melisa says:

    this is a lovely landscape with great architecture!

  2. freedom says:

    i felt the long cantilever roof is quite inviting the landscape into the building …