In-Conversation | CRISP by Brian Law + Tan Sixiu

• November 2, 2008

in conversion 4 In Conversation | CRISP by Brian Law + Tan Sixiu

A Singapore based CRISP designer Brian Law & Tan Sixiu has launched In-Conversation collection, a series of floor furniture in Milan International Furniture Fair 2008. The idea is to create a relaxing space where the conversation takes prominence. His inspiration for the design is based on the emotions that cause the shapes and curves of the human figure.

+ Designer CRISP’s statement: In-Conversation

A living room should be as it suggests, a ‘living room’; a space within the home dedicated and faithful to the flow and movement of people and vibrant conversation. Regrettably, degrading social patterns of interaction and the emerging dissolution of the family cluster has effectuated increasing reclusion and disengagement among family members.

Can objects and entities around the living room play a role in reversing such trends? Can they engage users in the sharing of lives and transcend the quality and experience of the living space?

By infusing emotive qualities and extracting silhouettes and curves from human postures to form different ‘characters’, the series of floor loungers are not only exciting and charming to the eyes but also whimsically cast the impression of people in conversation with one another. They grace the floor without mention or measure of time, in continuous and harmonious dialogue within the space.

+ CRISP’s design philosophy

CRISP was first initiated as a creative response with a fresh slant to the fundamental qualities that surround and define everyday objects and entities. The design duo believes that objects should excite and intrigue people with the intent of personal engagement through human behavior and/or touch.

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