Aziz Sariyer + altreforme

• December 14, 2008

Born in Istanbul in 1950, Aziz Sariyer is the founder of Derin design studio. Aluminum sheet, a light, smooth and shining material, is his favorite material that to be applied to his creation, ideal for giving life to new, challenging and different shapes.

3 designs which are mariù, cioccolata and liquirizia has been launched by altreforme in 2008.

mariu1 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
mariu2 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
mariù is a console table whose sizes are stately and shapes surprising.

cioccolata1 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
cioccolata 2 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
cioccolata is a bookcase whose taste is refined, sweet and incredibly unique.

liquirizia1 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
liquirizia2 Aziz Sariyer + altreforme
liquirizia is a multi-unit chair. Modular or endless depending on your greediness, as the most appetizing candy you would never give up savouring.

Images © altreforme

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