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• December 8, 2008

cph arch 3 CPH Arch | 3XN architects
cph arch CPH Arch | 3XN architects

3XN Architects has proposed a futuristic bridge tower that over-arch the Copenhagen Harbor, the CPH Arch. The idea is to create a city gateway and a tower bridge that links Marmormolen with Langeliniekaj.

Due to the city development movement towards water, the tower and bridge is formed, reinforced and become part of the movement in the city, while the tall tower will be perceived as a natural extension of the existing buildings on Langeliniekaj, the lower tower on the opposite side will be bound to the coming development on Marmormolen. The light, scale and visibility are the most important reasons to place the bridge at the end of the pier. The lower tower declined in height by crossing the bridge from tall tower, it harmonised with the surround buildings and remains organic flow pattern along the harbor.

cph arch 2 CPH Arch | 3XN architects

The towers, bridge and the other building elements constitute one single, floating dynamic movement, characterised by the bold span across the harbour entrance in terms of both the plan design and the facade. Establishing a connection across the harbour radically improves public access and creates brand new opportunities for life and growth in the area. By 3XN

Architect: 3XN
Location: Marmormolen, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Client: By og Havn
Size: 62,000 m2
Photo: Adam Mørk

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