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• December 11, 2008

replaced metal workshop dynamo Dynamo Metal Workshop | Phalt

replaced metal workshop dynamo7 Dynamo Metal Workshop | Phalt

Phalt architect has designed a replacement building for metal workshop and office which is located at the Limmat River water, Zurich, Switzerland.

The bold cantilever canopy with single materialization is the main feature for the project that set in heterogeneous urban situation. Due to its huge cantilever roof, the space under the big roof become a common space for the workers where the social interaction take place. Structurely, in order to provide additional strength, the galvanized steel big roof is to be reinforced by large rivets.

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Project: Dynamo Metal Workshop
Architect: Phalt architect
Owner: Zurich city
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Completion: 2008
Photos: © Dominique Wehrli, phalt

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