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• December 29, 2008

yoga deva 2 Yoga Deva | Blank Studio
yoga deva 5 Yoga Deva | Blank Studio

An incredible lighting design in Gilbert Yoga center, Yoga Deva. Designed by Blank Studio. The Yoga Center offers student a better mind and body connection practice environment. The architect attempts to design a calming atmosphere that the spaces dimly lit by cove lighting. The lighting condition changes in every spatial sequences, from a slender strip of a hallway to a illuminated soft cove lighting studio.

+ architect’s statement, Blank Studio architect Matthew Trzebiatowski

We wanted to remove visitors from the context they just came from…Remove any memory of differentiated experiences.

+ Blank Studio design philosophy

The design process centers upon investigation and synthesis, the experiential use of space, and the engagement of the senses.

Project: Yoga Deva
Architect: Blank Studio
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Photographer: © Bill Timmerman

yoga deva Yoga Deva | Blank Studio

© Bill Timmerman

yoga deva 3 Yoga Deva | Blank Studio

© Bill Timmerman

yoga deva 4 Yoga Deva | Blank Studio

© Bill Timmerman

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