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• December 13, 2008

ask stol lille med bord 72 dpi Zeeen | Lund & Paarmann

valn d chaiselongue 72 dpi Zeeen | Lund & Paarmann

Danish designer LUND & PAARMANN, has designed Zeeen series furniture. The chair seems to me is gonna be having leisure time on a beach, reading magazines, blogging and so on.

Zeeen is the newest designs from LUND & PAARMANN, is an Asian-inspired range of seating furniture, consisting of a lounge chair, a relax chair, a short chaiselongue with a stool and a chaiselongue. This range is manufactured by LUND & PAARMANNs own production company, called LOP-FURNITURE.

The idea behind these designs is to make a design that can be both “bare” – very simple and very yet very sculpturous – and have either loose cushions or fixed upholstery. The latter is still under construction and will be presented early next year. In this way, the consumers have the possibility to purchase a piece of furniture, that can be customized to match her private taste.

The zeeen models are all curved in 2 directions. This effect is obtained by assembling curved wooden slats – cut in different angles, which give a very strong constructing. The materials are molded beech with either veneer of walnut or olive ash. The base is steel and the cushions on the pictures are lamb skin. The zeeen-range is produced in Denmark in high quality materials by the very best suppliers to obtain the best possible products.

Manufacturer: LOP-FURNITURE
Image courtesy LUND & PAARMANN


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