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• January 16, 2009

billyc2b4s brother BIllys Brother | ADDI
billyc2b4s brother 2 BIllys Brother | ADDI
billyc2b4s brother 3 BIllys Brother | ADDI

I believe you have seen so many waving book selves like this, but the key idea to me for this book shelf is to be anti-gravity as the books seem falling off from the shelf by its inclination, but it is not. A hybrid between a traditional shelf and a sculpture, the shelf interacts between wall and floor that become an impressive and playful creation.

+ about designer, ADDI

ADDI is a young design studio from Sweden, established in 2006. Our goal is to always question existing products and give them life in a new, smarter way.

Designer: ADDI + Johan Malmqvist, Andréas Karlsson and Eric Therner.

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