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• January 6, 2009

2 fac frontal com port o aberto Casa Corten | Marcio Kogan
11 sala vista do muro Casa Corten | Marcio Kogan

A minimal design by Marcio Kogan, Casa Corten House. A simple plan with high ceiling level and large opening that use to harmonize between inside and outside. When you walk through the building, you can see material changed in the journey, it is a good project to demostrate how the interaction between the materials that expressing each material’s distinguishing characteristic.

+ Architect’s statement provided by architect, Marcio Kogan | Studio MK27

Casa Corten is an urban house located near the largest park in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The site, long and narrow, contains the program of the house and, its residents, not only have a small external deck with a fireplace on the ground floor, but they also make use of the rooftop and, especially, the park itself for leisure.

The facade of the house is made of Corten weathering steel. The dialogue between the rusty texture on the outside and the stone, wood, white mortar and the glass build the space. The front door of the garage is made of vertical wooden strips and opens entirely onto the street. The main entry door to the house is also made of wood and, despite being of a color similar to metallic plates, the texture and the presence of the material itself, distinguishes the suspended steel box of the frontal façade. The back façade is composed of a glass curtain that confers transparency to the opaque steel box and a suspended volume which contains movable wooden brises. The interior walls of the lot are made of Stone.

The interior plan for the ground floor is simple: an ample room with a ceiling height of 5.2m and four folding doors that completely open out to the deck and external fireplace, dissolving the limits between interior and exterior; in the living room, a free wooden volume houses the kitchen and utilities program; between this volume and the entrance door there is a staircase that leads to the mezzanine.

The mezzanine, on the wooden volume, is a singular area for the home-theater. From here there is another staircase leading up to the third floor, to the private program of the house, the three bedrooms. The master bedroom, in the back, has a wooden panel of brises to filter the light and can remain completely open.

On the rooftop of the house, there is a wooden deck protected by glass guard-rails. This space functions as a solar with a heated pool and a view of the city of São Paulo.

+ Project credits

Architect: Marcio Kogan | Studio MK27
project: Corten House
location: São Paulo . SP, Brazil
site plan area: 360 m2
builted area: 360 m2
photographer: © Nelson Kon
landscape architect: renata tilli
structural design: sc ltda eng. cesar pereira lopes
general contractor: mantra engenharia

+ Architecture

author: Marcio Kogan
co-author: oswaldo pessano . suzana glogowski . renata furlanetto
interior design co-author: diana radomysler
team: renata furlanetto . samanta cafardo . lair reis . carolina castroviejo . eduardo glycerio . maria cristina motta . gabriel kogan . mariana simas
tel: 55 11 30813522
fax: 55 11 30633424
address: al. Tietê, 505 – são paulo – sp
cep 01417-020 – brazil

+ General Specifications

cumaru windows and doors: marcenaria marvelar
living room floor: travertine marble
custom furniture: marcenaria marvelar

+ All images courtesy Marcio Kogan

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