Chaise longue AR1 | Arthur Rottier

• January 1, 2009

ar1 7ml Chaise longue AR1 | Arthur Rottier

ar1 2 Chaise longue AR1 | Arthur Rottier
Comes to 2009, our first post is the AR1 Chaise longue by Arthur Rottier which will be presented at the IMM2009 in Cologne, Germany. The chair is made of EPS and Polyether foam, finished in a rock hard coating for the white base, and a very soft leather-like coating for the cushon-colored parts.

[ AR1 ] is a fresh translation of the classic chaise longue. Base for the design were ergonomic measurements and contemporary manufacturing techniques.

The body position allows active participation in conversation, but would not block a little nap either. The extreme durability of the materials allows for heavy duty in- and outdoor use, domestic as well as professional.

[ AR1 ] comes in five colors contrasting the white base; but color wishes can be fullfilled. Kid’s version available!

+ Designer: PCS (“pieces”) | Arthur Rottier

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