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• March 15, 2009

1 lobby “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos
4hallway view “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos

Second project submitted by Pascal Arquitectos is the “NISHA” Bar-Lounge. The project comes up from the intention of creating an entertainment space for adults of 30 years old and over. The place houses a lounge and a restaurant-bar area connected by a lobby. The lobby, predominantly in dark tones since it is covered with black metal plates and “terrazo” floor, is illuminated by psychedelic images displayed by eight plasma screens.

5 lounge “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos

The lounge walls are completely covered in wood and surrounded by large windows overlooking to a forest; within this space there are several small sets of living rooms, each one with a plasma screen which recreates images simulating a fireplace, a fishtank or a landscape, etc. The furniture is comfortable and deep, all of them distributed around an exotic palm.

11 bar “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos10 bar “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos

The restaurant-bar is surrounded by crystal walls that changes colors in combination with the music and the videos. This section also displays a 15 meter long bar and further up, at the back, a same size by 3 meters height hi-res video screen submerges us into a virtual world: for a moment we can be watching the Earth from outer space, and in other flying through the clouds, exploring a tropical forest or swimming surrounded by sharks; all this liven up by a hi-fi sound equipment.

17 washroom detail “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos
15 men wahsroom entrance “NISHA” Bar Lounge | Pascal Arquitectos

The restrooms were designed as if they were part of the recreational spaces decorating them with a service bar and a cozy sofa. The use and the color mix in every single space of the premises generates visual delight complemented by the music, the videos and the social atmosphere.

+ Text above provided by Pascal Arquitectos

+ Project credits

Architect / Interior Design: Pascal Arquitectos, Carlos Pascal & Gerard Pascal
Location: Av. de las Palmas y Periférico, México City
Construction: Pascal Arquitectos
Furniture: Pascal Arquitectos
Project date: 2007-2008
Area: 885 m2
Photographer: Sófocles Hernández & Jaime Navarro

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  1. Tim says:

    Pretty atmospheric place. Illumination is great