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• March 7, 2009

urban nature1 Modern Planter Box | Urban Nature

urban nature Modern Planter Box | Urban Nature
The iconic planters showcases the plants they contain as the true work of art.

Modern design derives beauty from bold yet simplistic forms. The Los Angeles based planter specialist Urban Nature offers elegant, minimal design for its clean line planter which filled in our modern living lifestyle.

urban nature3 Modern Planter Box | Urban Nature urban nature2 Modern Planter Box | Urban Nature

Overflowing with architectural plants, combined with the clean, modern lines of Elevated Rectangle to add a sense of drama.

+ about designer provided by Urban Nature

The Los Angeles based company specializes in creating premium modern planters filled with striking live plant arrangements. Urban Nature’s creations are often described as houseplants for the privileged home and garden. However, founder Troy Silva likes to label the company’s creations as a “fusion of floral couture and modern landscape design.”

The company’s humble roots can be traced to the boundless imagination of a young boy who’s favorite pastime was exploring the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. At age 12, Troy’s postage stamp sized room in suburban Oceanside conveyed his intense fascination for creating miniature habitats. He describes the room as being packed with “five aquariums and terrariums representing ecosystems ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to the Amazon Rainforest.”

The company’s most recent, ultra-premium, innovation is sure to become one of the hottest luxury gifts of the year. Their limited edition, tabletop-sized titanium and platinum plated titanium planters can only be described as jewelry for the home and garden. Adorned with avant-garde arrangements of rare and exotic plants, stones and woods, these planters are the ultimate treat for the horticultural enthusiast or anyone fortunate enough to own them.

+ all images courtesy Urban Nature

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