Oth Sombath | Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin

• March 12, 2009

Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin has designed a gastronomic restaurant in the middle of Paris – Oth Sombath. A restaurant of 400 m² to showcase the talents of young Thai chef Oth Sombath for up to 80 diners.

eric oth 1 Oth Sombath | Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin
Façade, as viewed from rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.

eric oth 11 Oth Sombath | Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin
The bar, with textured curving wall leading to the stairway to the dining rooms.

eric oth 33 Oth Sombath | Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin
Stairway leading to 1st floor dining room, with gold leaves on left and textured curving wall on right. Lights overhead also custom-designed by Patrick Jouin.

+ architect’s concept design statement provided by Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin

Searching for the right balance in ambience for the restaurant – it should at once respond to Oth’s cuisine and offer something exquisitely modern, we immersed ourselves in the universe of Thailand and translated it into the Parisian context. We studied the traditions and culture for colors, rhythms, volumes, light, while simultaneously looking to create a fully contemporary gastronomic experience – smooth lines and sleek curves, something sensual and exotic, something that feels like the delicate blend of all these rich influences embodied in one place.

Our inspiration runs through the bar and three dining rooms, each offering a unique atmosphere to enjoy Oth’s sumptuous flavors – one in scintillating gold, one in bold orange, and one in soft creams – the color palette calling to mind in turn the temple treasures, bold colors of the women’s dresses and rice paddies. Textures also play reference in the restaurant – that of the curving wall of the bar looks like the hairstyles on Buddha sculptures while the warm wooden floor on the rez-de-chaussée echoes the dark wooden artisans’ creations in Thailand. The arch of a dragon’s back (golden leaves in the entranceway) resonates with the sweeping curves of the stairway connecting the three dining rooms. Thailand is in the details of the restaurant – from the subtle flavors to the custom lamps, while Parisian refinement exudes as well.

+ project credits

Location: 184 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France
Client: Société Very Oth (Jacques Konckier, Lisa Abrat Konckier, Eddie Mitchell)
Area: 400 m² not including the kitchen and personnel coatroom
Date of conception: September 2006
Date of completion: November 2008
Design architect: Agence Jouin Manku, Paris, France
Design team: Patrick Jouin, Sanjit Manku, Birgitte Trosby (project manager), Mélanie Lallemand-Flucher, Ramy Fischler (designer), Richard Perron (designer)
Architect of record: SLH – Architect Jacques Goubin, Paris, France

+ all images courtesy Jouin Manku & Patrick Jouin and copyrighted to Eric Laignel & Les Ateliers Apicius

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