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• April 9, 2009

show room gibo ele sketch 2 GIBO Showroom | A cero
aceromadc2a9xurxolobato012 GIBO Showroom | A cero
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Spain based architect A-cero has designed a contemporary GIBO showroom in Madrid, Spain. The use of contemporary geometrical form to shape the building facade with the big display windows is the feature of this project.

+ Text below and images provided by architect, A-cero

Purity, force, expressiveness; starting from an old construction that has already been reformed previously, we face a 5-storey colossus endowed with life and functionality. An initial approximation to the building suggests to us a volumetric break-up that shapes the façade, a hollowing out that extracts an idea for a composition repeated in the interior.

aceromadc2a9xurxolobato036 GIBO Showroom | A cero

show room gibo sketch GIBO Showroom | A cero

We avoid the conventional idea for commercial premises and instead transform it into a container of neutral spaces in which the product adopts the protagonist role on its own restrained, austere and elegant stage. Taming chaos and colonising the void, demolishing interior partitions and dismantling the front façade we create a large show window in a single piece that encloses the building over three storeys for display and sales.

aceromadc2a9xurxolobato127 GIBO Showroom | A cero

From the outside different levels are perceived that form a single global height, a whole. The underground floors are destined for the more private uses of administration and design, leaving to the rest the principal role of exhibition and display.

aceromadc2a9xurxolobato158 GIBO Showroom | A cero

The staircase is the element that adopts the sculptural role indoors, reproducing the magnitudes and volumetries of the façade in a lavish wall in intense red that accompanies each tread, providing a dynamic feel as well as purity and richness. In this search for geometric perfection, the solutions adopted are in keeping with the initial idea, reinforced by the continuity of walls, floors and ceilings, the polished paving and everything finished in grey.

+ Project credts

Project: GIBO showroom
Architect: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain

+ All images and drawings courtesy of A-cero

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