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• April 15, 2009

h house 000 2 H house | Tamizo Architects Group
h house 004 2 H house | Tamizo Architects Group

H-house, designed by Poland based architect, Tamizo architects group. The openings in the solid box are well organized and proportioned. Minimal design on the elevation as a result of complying the restrictions of the local law – maximum of 3 different materials on the elevation.

+ Text below provided by architect, Tamizo architects group


Modern, elegant, comfortable house for two young people (couple). Open for the sun and garden, closed for the neighbourhood. ‘Day area’ (ground floor) with living room, kitchen, dining room, toilet and technical room. ‘Night area’ (first floor) with 2 bedrooms, 1 big bathroom, wardrobe, library. ‘Relax/fitness area’ (2 floor) one big room for different sport activity, bathroom, sauna, and 2 patios.


h house 002 2 H house | Tamizo Architects Group

Following the restrictions of the local law: there should be maximum 3 different materials on elevation. The architecture should be neutral, similar to the surrounding, modest, with natural materials…These restrictions were similar to our feelings and our everyday work.

h house 020 H house | Tamizo Architects Group

Because of the specific situation of the plot (entry/road on the south, garden on the north) the idea was to reverse the traditional plan of house with living room with the view to the garden. We pulled the solid of the house deeper to the garden and designed some external closed atrium in front of the building. It gives us a possibility to situate living room at the south side of the house and we got the sun and protection from the road at the same time.

h house 016 H house | Tamizo Architects Group

The development line, which was restricted by the local low was kept by the front wall of the external atrium. At the second side of the ground floor there is kitchen and dinning room located. At the first floor there are two bedrooms which was located to give the most possible intimacy. So the windows are located, where the view from the neighbour’s windows is not possible.

h house 022 H house | Tamizo Architects Group

There is also one big bathroom, wardrobe and the library with the view to the living room. At the second floor there is located relax/fitness area. At this level there are any windows which are visible from the outside. It was possible by designing 2 patios. So the first big patio is located at the south side of the building and next to it is located the biggest room for different sport activities. At the north side of the building there is other small patio which gives the light to the bathroom and sauna area.

schemat H house | Tamizo Architects Group

Sketch courtesy Tamizo architects group (updated on April 16, 2009)

+ All images courtesy Tamizo architects group
+ Project credits

Architect: Tamizo architects group
Project Name: H-house
Location of Site: Pabianice, Poland
Design Team: Mateusz Stolarski, Aleksandra Zdziechowska, Piotr Walerysiak
Project Type: Single family house
Site Area: 697 sqm
Built-up Area: 142.3 sqm (total area: 325.7 sqm, useable area: 247.4 sqm)
Date of completion: 2009

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    great! beautiful house

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