Mazy | Intoo + Zilio A&C

• April 14, 2009

mazy intoo 1 Mazy | Intoo + Zilio A&C
mazy intoo Mazy | Intoo + Zilio A&C

Mazy, designed by Ronald Jeanson of the Rotterdam, Netherlands based interior architects INTOO. It will be introduced by Italian manufacturer Zilio A&C during the furniture fair of Milan (22-27 April 2009).

+ Designer’s statement, provided by Ronald Jeanson/Intoo

Mazy is a comfortable armchair inspired by modern architectural forms. A network of branches creates a random hybrid maze. This surrounds you while seated on a upholstered cushion. It is a combination of recognizable appearance and a contemporary look.

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  1. armchairs says:

    cool feature.
    I wondering, how many fresh ideas appear in designer’s heads