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• April 29, 2009

visiondivision ss3 550x403 Secret Sauna | Visiondivision
visiondivision ss4 550x403 Secret Sauna | Visiondivision

Visiondivision has designed a secret sauna for his client to escape the oppression from the local regulations in Sweden.

+ Project description provided by architect, Visiondivision

At a first glance this sauna may appear to be an anonymous wooden cabin, with no architectural features or ambition. The front façade is windowless; a water proof drape covers the façade on the other side. The sauna has a pointed traditional roof as well, to accomplish this intriguing scam.

The front façade is actually a door, and when it is opened, the cabin changes its appearance completely. Now you have a magnificent view over the archipelago, and the door/wall creates an intimate space with the guest hut next to the sauna. The wall prevents the neighbours from peeking in as well.

+ Project credits

Project: Secret Sauna
Architect: Visiondivision
Location: Sweden

+ All images courtesy Visiondivision

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Category: Architecture, Sport

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  1. Josua Freidman says:

    Nice to see a small project with a strong concept for a change, i like it!