Surfboard Chair | Adam Scott

• April 8, 2009

surfboard chair Surfboard Chair | Adam Scott
surfboard chair 3 Surfboard Chair | Adam Scott

Do you like this chair? It has an expressive line and look like a shark fin, giving a sense of being vacationed, the Surfboard Chair is designed by Adam Scott.

+ Designer’s statement, Adam Scott

The aim of ‘SIT DOWN’ is to provide a juxtaposition and a contradiction for the perceived usages of a product. For example a surfboard is destined for a life of extreme and energetic use but is now reduced to the opposite and the fundamental desire of the lazy-sitting.

Aimed to be placed in an office environment ‘SIT DOWN’ would provide a very relaxing and calming form of escapism from cabin fever, personnel may sit and imagine the lapping of the waves and the cool sea breeze instead of the low drum of the office humidifier and endless chattering of phone calls unanswered.

surfboard chair 2 Surfboard Chair | Adam Scott

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    Thanks for the great review PlusMood.

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