Drop L and XL Wall-Hanger | Julian Appelius

• May 17, 2009

drop xl purple 550x388 Drop L and XL Wall Hanger | Julian Appeliusdrop l black 550x382 Drop L and XL Wall Hanger | Julian Appelius

Innovative wall-hanger by German designer Julian Appelius. The drops decorate the wall not only as an interesting and innovative idea of hangers but also as a peace of art with its aesthetic forms.

Coat hooks for adults and children, like a fluid dripping down the wall, available for sales in 2 sizes, L and XL on PID.se

+ Colors: Red, white, black, green, pink and orange

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Category: Design, Industrial

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  1. Anne Wooden says:

    Could you please advise the dimensions and price for the drop wall hanger for L & XL.

  2. Jimmy M. says:

    Hi Anne, here are the 3 sizes available: 150 x 150 mm, 450 x 450 mm and 650 x 700 mm