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• May 17, 2009

tf002 textfields plusmood 01 TF002   The Corridor | TextFields
tf002 textfields plusmood 03 TF002   The Corridor | TextFields

TF002 is a site-specific installation commissioned by the Shoreditch based art/event space, The Corridor. It is a physical manifestation of the ongoing investigation between text and space by the multidisciplinary design group TextFields.

+ Design statement below provided by designer, TextFields

TF002, by the group TextFields, is the boldest and most novel site-specific installation in East London’s art/architectural scene, commissioned by The Corridor gallery and can be viewed and experienced from the 7th-31st May 2009..

tf002 textfields plusmood 05 TF002   The Corridor | TextFields

TF002 investigates the dialectical relationship between the centre and circumference, where the text of the corridor and the corridor suspend themselves into a shifted, ruptured and dislocated but an immersive environment.

tf002 textfields plusmood 06 TF002   The Corridor | TextFields

Initially generated as a three-dimensional virtual field, TF002 consists of a total of 358 elements that will be constructed by means of custom design, parametric scripting and lasercut materials.

Each of the individual components contains information of its original text map, the forces that affected its position, and its serial location within the entire field.

+ About TextFields

Set up as an architectural, design, and typographic laboratory, the multidisciplinary collaboration by TextFields is conceived as a design research project investigating the metaphysical worlds between text and space.

Exploring the sensual energy of unfocused and charged textual forms, we want to understand where do fonts and space lose their limits, where do they become forces and vectors in a field, and where this field is perceived as a field for the unfamiliar; a field without a perceived centre, a field where the inherent qualities of both are dismantled, where the reader, the voyeur and the visitor are intertwined, and where in this lies the emergence of a field of text.

+ TextFields Team

The project is conceived by Amita Kulkarni, Jerome Rigaud, Rajat Sodhi and Vikrant Tike, all involved in a range of design disciplines ranging from architecture, parametric engineering, web and font design collaborating jointly for this multi-disciplinary investigation and research.

+ All images courtesy Amanda Alessandrine

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