‘Gorge’ Coffee Table | Ramei Keum

• June 12, 2009

gorge ramei keum plusmood 05 550x380 ‘Gorge’ Coffee Table | Ramei Keum
gorge ramei keum plusmood 02 550x412 ‘Gorge’ Coffee Table | Ramei Keum

A talent designer from South Korea Ramei Keum has designed a contemporary coffee table which is folded in V shape. The geometric form was designed aesthetically and functionally, made in steel and finished in powder coated.

+ Designer’s statement courtesy of Ramei Keum

Gorge’ is a coffee table with a shape of a gorge.

Designing it, I strived to put it in a form so that elements composing of a table such as a top board and legs may become one element, not individual elements.

The shape of a gorge folded in a V shape itself plays a structural role of supporting the top board of the table, and plays a role of holding/ keeping magazines or books as well as completing an aesthetic form of the table.

+Technical information

Dimension: W 1000 D 600 H 300
Material: Steel / Powder coated

+ All images courtesy Ramei Keum

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