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• June 2, 2009

Australia-based Studio 505 has designed a carbon-neutral office for Grocon located in Former CUB Site, Melbourne, Australia.

+ Design Statement courtesy of Studio 505

The Former CUB Brewery site is the location for one of Melbourne’s most significant and ambitious developments. Located at a key urban site, the project has been the subject of long discussion and speculation, culminating in Grocon’s multi-faceted, multi-authored scheme now underway.

Studio505 were approached by Grocon to design the Development Office (Pixel), the last building to be conceived, and yet the first to be built. Pixel also claims the other two extremes on the site, namely being the smallest building with the biggest expectations.

studio 505 pixel 03 plusmood 550x550 Pixel   Grocon Development Office | Studio 505

The brief for Pixel was to provide a 6 Star GreenStar Carbon Neutral home for the Development team and Sales Offices, a display suite area and a green roof top viewing area, for the duration of the developments construction and sales phase. Following this period the project may be strata titled, or be held in one title as offices.

Behind this very functional programme is the opportunity to enhance Grocon’s GreenStar Credentials, and provide a cost effective and exemplary building that reflects the standards Grocon will demand in the remaining projects on the site. The architecture Grocon desired was to be “remarkable, striking and memorable, whilst combining ESD principles with practical building design”.

studio 505 pixel 02 plusmood 550x550 Pixel   Grocon Development Office | Studio 505

Studio505 have designed a very simple and coherent office building, which is woven together from a series of integrated environmental systems and initiatives. With Umow Lai we have sought to deliver the ultimate ESD rateable performance within a coherent architectural product, worthy of the Design Aspiration of the overall development site.

The project features one of the most sophisticated and integrated water treatment and utilisation systems ever to be built. From the extensive native green roof collecting rainwater, to the creation of the Living Edge intensively planted perimeter balcony, the project is not simply a container to collect ESD ideas, but instead a laboratory and holistic tapestry of symbiotic systems.

These systems include one of the most publicly visible elements, being the projects facade. The facade is an integrated system comprising Living Edge perimeter planters, fixed shading louvers, double glazed window walls and solar panel shading.

studio 505 pixel 01 plusmood 550x550 Pixel   Grocon Development Office | Studio 505

The facade is developed to enhance the reading of the project in the round, as the first of many projects. Studio505 have developed a complex and simple patterning development to generate a human scale ‘flow’ of elemental and directional textures. The field textures of the pattern allow the reading of the various elevations, with their differing functional and ESD requirements and materials, to espouse coherency through fluidity.

Grocon and the design team are committed to delivering the highest scoring 6 star GreenStar Carbon Neutral project in an aesthetically sophisticated and urbane building.

Studio505 have sought to ensure that this first Building engages with the low rise nature of the northern Carlton end of the Brewery site. Through the manipulation of scale, of the facade, the shading and the patterning, the Pixel design seeks to embody, embrace and enable the vast urban phase change about to take place on this significant site over the coming years.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Pixel – Grocon Development Office
Architects: Studio 505
Location: Former CUB Site, Melbourne, Australia

+ All images courtesy Studio 505

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  1. John says:

    Congratulations on your magnificent project.

    We now need to co-ordinate a better sustainable approach to our planning process so that the Major Activirty Centres around Melbourne are built as “Green Precincts” and buildings like Pixel are the minimum standard.

    Currently the Nunawading Major Activity Centre presents a compelling opportunity to move forward quickly with a “Pilot Project”. For More Info on the NEO – Pilot Project Contact us at .BLEEPNOW@OPTUSNET.COM.AU and FACEBOOK