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• July 1, 2009

cross Takehiro Ando Cross | Takehiro Ando
Japanese designer Takehiro Ando has designed a beautiful screen named Cross, produced by Aviland – Marushin Felt Boushoku Co., Ltd. Cross is so versatile depends on your own style, it is available for sales in

+ Design statement

By taking advantage of the characteristics of the felt, I have designed these simple products. You can combine each piece of the felt and make your own designs. It is so versatile that you can use them for partitions, coasters, and other decorative purposes.

Takehiro Ando

+ Technical information

Size per piece : 75 x 75 mm (thikness is between 2.5 – 3.0mm)
Material : felt (wool / rayon)
Colour : white / black / gray / brown
Weight per piece: 3.7g

cross Takehiro Ando 4 Cross | Takehiro Andocross Takehiro Ando 2 Cross | Takehiro Ando
cross Takehiro Ando 5 Cross | Takehiro Ando

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