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• July 3, 2009

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Andrea Tognon Architecture recently has completed the Pamelarobbins project in New York.

+ Project description courtesy of Andrea Tognon Architecture

Was in 2002 the first time we have been in Scardale, New York. Was to design a store for Pamelarobbins, a fashion business duo. After six years from the first project Pamelarobbins decide to expand their business in town opening a new space next door.

In the brief they ask us to design in continuity with the first store we did. So we decide to use conceptually the same materials, but updating the finishes. What was a frosted glass in the old store here become a custom made glass that can slightly reflect like a mirror, that can be back lighted, that you can’t see through. A glass wall with a warm feeling.

The layout concept of the new space is a tilted line and a square. The tilted line is the long glass wall that cut the storage area behind it. The square is a mirror box for the fitting rooms. Massive wood volumes complete the display elements.

+ Project credits / data

Project Name: Pamelarobbins
Client: Pamelarobbins
Project Type: Shop Design
Principal Designer: Andrea Tognon
Design Team: Andrea Tognon Architecture
Location of site: Scarsdale, New York

+ About Andrea Tognon Architecture

Andrea Tognon Architecture is an architectural and communication design research laboratory founded in 2002 with the aim of understanding and developing strategies of communication and branding, modelling and transforming spaces, defining identity in the dynamic process of the complexity of urban situations. The office combines practice with research in a multi-disciplinary approach while drawing upon a network of creative, technical and engineering firms with whom integrate different aspects of the design process and construction. Over years there have been collaborations with companies like Bottega Veneta, Krizia, Tod’s, Lamarthe, Stiletto NYC, ATO APO, Tognon Arredamenti and others.

+ All images courtesy of Andrea Tognon Architecture | Photo by Roberta Salmaso


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