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• August 10, 2009

Shelf house H3AR plusmood 5 595x270 Houses on the Shelf | Ryszard Rychlicki of H3AR

Houses on the Shelf, image courtesy of H3AR

Shelf house H3AR plusmood 4 595x589 Houses on the Shelf | Ryszard Rychlicki of H3AR

Houses on the Shelf, image courtesy of H3AR

Ryszard Rychlicki of H3AR has won the 3rd prize of London Bridge 800 Competition organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects & Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects.

+ Project description courtesy of H3AR

If we treat a house as a product with a programmed product life, which after the expiry of the guarantee period we may simply throw away. Such behaviour from the point of view accepted in the philosophy of our civilisation would be entirely rational. After all we live in a utilitarian cult. Whatever we do is based on using and then throwing away. Why should it not apply to a house? Utility is an element of the contemporary consumer lifestyle, for which a house is just as much a product as a car. New, attractive and comfortable immediately after purchase, with time worn, faulty and it ends up on the rubbish dump.

Indeed it is the contrast between the contemporary lifestyle and that of the previous eight hundred years, which decided the architectural form that I have suggested for the bridge (London Bridge). The open work construction fulfils the function of shelves for houses as products, which after being used up (wearing out) are replaced with new ones. Mobile houses in the form of boxes – are executed from recycled materials and also glass and wood. Due to the mobility of the entire layout premise the city may decide on its structure – number and type of homes in a given time.

+ Project credits / data

Design: H3AR - Ryszard Rychlicki
Year: 2009
Location: London Bridge, London, UK
Program: Competition

+ All images and drawings courtesy of H3AR

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