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• August 16, 2009

ploflamp Yonoh plusMOOD 1 595x893 Plof Lamp | Yonoh

Plof Lamp, image courtesy of Yonoh

ploflamp Yonoh plusMOOD 2 595x413 Plof Lamp | Yonoh

Plof Lamp, image courtesy of Yonoh

A modern floor light – Plof Lamp designed by Spanish design studio Yonoh has received  the award in the industrial projects DELTA SELECTION 09 which is organized by ADI-FAD.

+ Design description courtesy of Yonoh

Plof is characterized by the use of cold cathode tubes light. The lamp is conceived from a continuous tube of 30mm diameter bent over itself to create a self-bearing structure. At the end has a transparent methacrylate tube, also in 30 mm diameter, which contains the cold cathode lamp. It has a total height of 1.80 m.

ploflamp Yonoh plusMOOD 3 595x397 Plof Lamp | Yonoh

Plof Lamp, image courtesy of Yonoh

The Plof collection brings to the market a new type of lighting, cold cathode, which brings many advantages. The cold cathode is a type of lighting that cares the environment, it has very low electricity consumption, it does not emit heat and life reaches 45,000 hours (ten years of normal use). Is the alternative to neon, it eliminates the negative things that it has, the high voltage. Cold cathode does not exceed 1000 V and therefore does not need any requirement.

ploflamp Yonoh plusMOOD 4 595x396 Plof Lamp | Yonoh

Plof Lamp, image courtesy of Yonoh

In the space inside the metal tube and methacrylate tube, are accommodated the transformer and the bulb. At the end of each lamp is a connector for the cable that connects to the stream, this allows us to disconnect the cable from the lamp for transport.

+ Technical data
ploflamp Yonoh plusMOOD 5 595x338 Plof Lamp | Yonoh

Plof Lamp, drawing courtesy of Yonoh

Characteristics of the cold cathode lamp Plof:
Length: 30cm
Diameter: 1cm
Voltage: 12V
Power: 3W

+ Project credits

Art direction & graphic: Yonoh, estudio creativo
Photography: Josep Alfaro / estudi ou
Producer: Ona, light emotion
Edition: XB

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