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• September 10, 2009

Juxtaposed Religion  blankblank plusMOOD 1 Juxtaposed: Religion | blankblank

Juxtaposed Religion  blankblank plusMOOD 2 Juxtaposed: Religion | blankblank

Juxtaposed: Religion bookshelves is designed by California-based design studio blankblank which will allow private bids at www.blankblank.net from September 16 to 26, 2009. The auction offers the last 3 limited edition of 50 since 2007 production.

The objective of the Juxtaposed series of bookshelves is to give books new meaning by juxtaposing them with other books. A book on its own is very different than a book in the context of other books.

Mike and Maaike

+ Press release courtesy of blankblank


Northern California: blankblank will be offering reserved, designer-signed #1, #2, and #3 of Juxtaposed: Religion. The silent auction event, commencing September 16, 2009 at www.blankblank.net, will allow private bids to be submitted electronically. The event will conclude on September 26, 2009 at 6pm PST. The Juxtaposed: Religion silent auction will be the first of numerous silent auctions hosted on the company’s website to offer limited edition and original works of furniture, lighting, and art.

Juxtaposed: Religion was produced in 2007 as a limited edition of 50. The first 47 numbers were sold out in September of 2008. Religion is the first in a series of nine subjects slated for annual limited-edition production. All subjects in the Juxtaposed series are united by the designers’ intent to “unify those things that typically divide.”

Originally from The Netherlands, Maaike Evers brings a progressively Dutch and uniquely female perspective to design. Equally inspired by the tradition of craft and the potential of industry, she is as comfortable designing technology products as she is forging jewelry. Mike likes to bend the rules of physics, while with a true California spirit, combines optimism, critical thinking, and truth as natural elements of his work. Their distinct backgrounds give Mike and Maaike a unique perspective to their collaboration that often results in the unexpected. They share a thirst for experimentation as an alternative to strategy, developing strong conceptual foundations for products, furniture, wearables and art.

blankblank is an award-winning Northern California-based design firm that collaborates with artists and designers of diverse media and assists them in the conception, development, production, marketing, and sale of their work which includes production and custom lighting and furniture as well as art and interiors. Their current roster of designers also includes Mark Goetz, Tim Richartz, and Rob Zinn.

Juxtaposed Religion  blankblank plusMOOD 4 Juxtaposed: Religion | blankblank

Juxtaposed Religion  blankblank plusMOOD 3 Juxtaposed: Religion | blankblank

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