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• September 10, 2009

Libeskind Villa plusMOOD 595x210 Libeskind Villa | Studio Daniel Libeskind

Libeskind Villa, image courtesy of proportion GmbH

Libeskind Villa designed by Daniel Libeskind will be unveiled to the public on September 29. The Libeskind Villa is a piece of art with its own unique atmosphere. For the first time, Daniel Libeskind has devised a home which can be erected anywhere in the world.

+ Press information courtesy of proportion

A Libeskind for life Famous architect Daniel Libeskind has designed a walk-in sculpture, and just 30 of these exclusive objects will be realized worldwide. On September 29, the Libeskind Villa will be unveiled to the public.

Berlin, September 29 – It is one of these magic moments: You observe an art object and delve into a new world. The Libeskind Villa is such a piece of art, a walk-in sculpture with its own unique atmosphere. For the first time, Daniel Libeskind has devised a home which can be erected anywhere in the world.

Thirty regionally exclusive Villas will be distributed worldwide by proportion GmbH in Berlin. In order to experience this unique sculpture, a prototype has been built on the premises of Rheinzink GmbH & Co. KG, the developer of the Villa’s zinc facade. Daniel and Nina Libeskind will attend the opening on September 29.

This is really the first time I’ve taken on the issue of doing something which is a limited artistic edition of a new space, of a new way of living. It’s really designing a total work of art.

says the architect Libeskind days before the opening ceremony. Indeed, the Villa invites you to contemplate not only its exterior, but also its interior.

The Villa’s asymmetrical, tapered silhouette evokes a crystal. Rejecting traditional rules of symmetry, it bears the distinctive signature of Libeskind, who is lauded for ambitious projects such as the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the Denver Art Museum. The zinc façade is reminiscent of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Inside, the Villa offers an uninterrupted connection to nature through its wide glass expanses. The light-flooded rooms present themselves purely, yet the first impression is deceiving: Libeskind excels in uncompromising, modern design but simultaneously meets the requirements of everyday life.

Daniel Libeskind is renowned for his multidisciplinary approach to architecture. His designs reflect his close connection to arts such as music and literature. Libeskind’s use of forms often establishes a relationship to historic, philosophical and religious subjects. In 2003, he won the World Trade Center design competition. Additional works include the Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück, Germany, and the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.

+ About proportion

proportion GmbH, Berlin, was founded in 2007 to make contemporary, modern architecture of the world’s leading architecture studios accessible to individuals. A fruitful cooperation with Studio Daniel Libeskind led to the design of the Libeskind Villa as a first exclusive multiple.

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  1. Turgev says:

    I read that Libeskind won’t live in his own unusable architecture. Danny’s own wife insisted on paying a better architect to design their home. I think that speaks to what a lousy designer Libeskind is.

  2. Troy says:

    Like most of Libeskind’s poorly-designed buildings I’m going to assume this Villa will leak and need to be covered in tarpaulins for the fist few years. Good luck to the 30 suckers why flush their money on this lemon.

  3. Robin says:

    Good luck trying to find another buyer for that pile after you get tired of it.