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• October 31, 2009

New York-based design studio Incorporated is a multi-disciplinary architecture and design studio with experience across a wide range of project types that specializes in the integration of the design disciplines. Here are the two unique product designs by Incorporated - Hex Chair and Branch Table.

+ Design description courtesy of Incorporated
Hex Chair Incorporated plusMOOD 595x459 Hex Chair + Branch Table | Incorporated

Hex Chair, image courtesy of Incorporated

Hex Chair

Incorporated’s Hex Chair extends the Hex series into the realm of upholstered goods. The series originated with the Hex Table which explores systemic ordering and modular relationships, offering infinite possibility for the table’s ultimate configuration and size. Functionally, the Hex Chair embraces the modern need for flexibility. Theoretically, it offers a visual metaphor for the design process – the suggestion of an open-ended repetition. One can imagine an endless landscape of Hex furnishings in ever changing configurations. On one hand, the form of the Hex Chair is indebted to the timeless geometry of nature, a foundation for design principles and on the other is indebted to American minimalism.

branch table Incorporated plusMOOD 595x577 Hex Chair + Branch Table | Incorporated

Branch Table, image courtesy of Incorporated

Branch Table

A tree grows in Beta. The Incorporated Branch Table explores systems of branching and random order to create a side table of unique design. Mimicking the geometry of a tree, the Branch Table was developed in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology, the oldest engineering school in the United States. The Branch Table utilizes a computer algorithm to grow one of kind branching objects, each one unique. These unique branch structures are then fabricated in this case using stereo lithographic 3D printing technologies. Each Branch Table is just one iteration of endless random geometric possibilities.

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  1. armchairs says:

    a simple and beautiful, without countless decorations
    I wondering, how many fresh ideas appear in designer’s heads