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• November 25, 2009

Bookshelf Glider Ramei Keum plusMOOD 04 595x645 Bookshelf ‘Glider’ | Ramei Keum

Bookshelf ‘Glider’, image courtesy of Ramei Keum

A South Korean designer Ramei Keum has designed a bookshelf ‘Glider’.

+ Designer’s statement courtesy of Ramei Keum

Glider‘ is a bookshelf composed of boards in a form similar to wings of a glider.

A lot of books have differences in height and width. Therefore, a lot of people have ever seen books inserted unevenly into a bookstand.

The convex form similar to wings of a glider settles such a problem to some extent. It also gives rhythmical beauty to a simple space.

+Technical information

Dimension: W1800 D450 H1800
Material: Wood / Painted

+ All images courtesy Ramei Keum

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