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• November 2, 2009

Furà Studio06 plusMOOD 3 595x422 Furà | Studio06

Furà, image courtesy of Studio06

Furà by Italian-based Studio06 is the winning lighting design at the Biffi luce design competition. The design was inspired by the penetration of light through the rocks.

+ Product description courtesy of Studio06

Furà (the suspension lamp) makes an amazing ambient, it symbolizes light that filters through the rocks. A new perfectly smooth and polished finish gives elegance to this lamp.

+ Product data

Designer: Studio06 (Roberto Guadrini, Massimo Guglielmotto, Paolo Mattiolo)
Email address: info@studio06.it
Title of design: Furà
Award: 1st prize at Biffi luce design competition
Manufacturer: Biffi luce S.r.l, Italy

+ All images courtesy of Studio06

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Category: Design, Lighting

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