Q-bo Design Décors

• November 7, 2009

Q-bo – Design décors for precious floorings in marble and natural stone

Q-bo – new Italian brand for precious natural and marble stone wall- and floor-coverings realised with innovative processing and specifically developed equipment and technologies – adds a range of elegant, ecological and resistant floorings to its wall-covering programme.

The “Tech”, “Floreale”, “3D and Tessuto” collections, materials of a new generation, decorated in a bas-relief, compose the range.

Qbo Tech plusMOOD 595x770 Q bo Design Décors

Q-bo, Tech

The simple graphic decoration of “Tech” plays with the contrast of glossy and matte, conferring a modern and minimal look to it. The square format of each tile is divided into two triangles, one sand-blasted and the other polished (natural, in the case of Ardesia).

Qbo Floreale plusMOOD 595x793 Q bo Design Décors

Q-bo, Floreale

Floreale” is a fascinating and impacting floor tile: stylized flowers and branches, as a brushed or polished relief, develop throughout the entire surface.

Qbo 3D plusMOOD 595x798 Q bo Design Décors

Q-bo, 3D

3D”, as its name suggests, offers a particular sense of depth, created by its graphic decor of lines and squares of different size and thickness. Of elegant and contemporary style, 3D is available with brushed or polished surface (natural, in the case of Ardesia).

Qbo Tessuto plusMOOD 595x779 Q bo Design Décors

Q-bo, Tessuto

Tessuto” boasts a tight-woven decoration, created by the weaving of wave lines, engraved through sandblasting. The relief surface is brushed, solution that provides a natural and tactile sensation.

Tech”, “Floreale”, “3D” and “Tessuto” floor tiles by Q-bo are available in the precious Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna and Ardesia Ligure materials.

The format of the modules is 50×50 cm or can have a customized size up to 60×120 cm.

Thanks to the sandblasting process, the decorations of Q-bo floor tiles are gradual and free of edges. The borders of the decorations are therefore very resistant to splintering and usage. This makes Q-bo floorings, characterized by their high precision finishes of exclusive design, an ideal solution for residential and public environments.

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