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• November 6, 2009

Ran Stone Hairdresser Ilan Adar plusMOOD 05 595x293 Ran Stone   Hairdresser | Ilan Adar / Ronen Landes

Ran Stone - Hairdresser, image courtesy of Ilan Adar

Israeli designers Ilan Adar and Ronen Landes recently have completed the Ran Stone – Hairdresser interior design project located in Netanya, Israel.

+ Project description courtesy of Ilan Adar

The barbershop is located next to the beach – on a hill overlooking the sea in Netanya City center.


showing a clean / minimalist / modern / bright and shiny look geometric.


Persecution – lines slanting sharp scissors / paper cutting /
Customer requirements presented maximum utilization of small shop space divided into multiple and different work zones.

1. Manicure /Nails construction Area
2. Beautician room
3. Main working space – Hairdresser
4. Waiting area – Lounge
5. Reception

Ran Stone Hairdresser Ilan Adar plusMOOD 11 595x871 Ran Stone   Hairdresser | Ilan Adar / Ronen Landes

Ran Stone - Hairdresser, image courtesy of Ilan Adar

The shop space built in straight lines / geometric / modern. Maximum utilization which can be seen once entering the barbershop. The Lounge located on the front is overlooking the sea – the customers can sit and watch the spectacular scenery through clear glass while they wait. The waiting area (lounge- made out of leather notched slanted lines continue into the concrete floor and continue to shop positions – an element that repeats itself.

The most important requirement: planning should be practical and comfortable to allow maximum convenience for customers and employees.

We had to create a separation between main work area, waiting area and other functions, using partial, invisible; partitions. This creates a sense of comfort for the client. The reception located in the center of the space itself and is used as the main separator.

Ran Stone Hairdresser Ilan Adar plusMOOD 07 595x404 Ran Stone   Hairdresser | Ilan Adar / Ronen Landes

Natural and artificial light is reflected on the Inner shell built plaster walls in order to create an illusion of greater space in the back wall there is a huge mirror covering the all wall-which Multiplies the size of the shop/the light in the shop/ and is contributes to the size illusion While putting the sea front view inside.

Ilan work gives proper attention to detail.

+ Project credits / data

Design: Ilan Adar / Ronen Landes – Interior architectural design
Project: Ran Stone – Hairdresser
Area: 60 sq .m.
Location: Netanya – Israel

+ All images courtesy of Ilan Adar

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