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• November 8, 2009

Vintage Munkii Jaren plusMOOD 1 595x380 Vintage | Munkii + Jaren Goh

Vintage, image courtesy of Munkii

Singaporean furniture retailer Munkii recently has launched the designer bookshelf – Vintage which is designed by Jaren Goh. The Vintage is made of medium density fibreboard, dressed in lurid, piano white finish with matte liver red interiors.

+ Product information courtesy of Munkii

The concept of Vintage was first released in 2007 and had received riveting reviews. A prototype was displayed in Nhow Hotel Milan in the same year. Vintage is finally available through Munkii Singapore after 2 years of perfecting its conception.

This elegant bookshelf harmoniously adopted both classic and modern aspects. Crafted entirely out of environmentally-conscious MDF, the white gloss exterior and dark matte interior should be able to complement any living space flawlessly and the simplistic and basic profile makes it a charm to set up against any walls or corners.

+ All images courtesy of Munkii

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  1. angela santos says:

    Very mesmerising design! Thanks for posting this.

    I have always admired designs that take rudimentary forms and gives us new perspective. Not too edgy from a contemporary POV and not too antiqitic. Like Goldilocks “Just right!”

    I would like to get this for my study. I see that they are manufacturered in Singapore. Any idea they will ship to Dubai?

  2. Kevin says:

    The Munkii Vintage Bookcase is now being distributed in the US by Modern Representation