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• November 24, 2009

external 1 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

external 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

WT Hotel by Host, is a futuristic hotel combining tradition and innovation, nature and technology. There were four areas (Suite, Lounge, Restaurant and Wellness) of the hotel has been presented by Arch.Chiara Cantono to Well-Tech team who are in-charge of planning and research on the technological innovation for the realization of WT Hotel.

+ Press release courtesy of Well-Tech studio

The presentation of the project WT HOTEL by Host, has been concluded on 27 October 2009. The project obtained a successful review , more than three thousand visitors in five days of exhibition, comprising of hotel managers, designers, journalists and retailers.

WT Hotel by Host showed the four areas of the hotel directed by Arch.Chiara Cantono to Well-Tech team, Well tech studio takes care of planning and research within the design and architecture with focus on the technological innovation. The represented areas are: Suite, Lounge, Restaurant and Wellness, in which they have been exposed technologies, furnishings and accessories purposely designed and realized for the WT Hotel. A futuristic hotel rich of cues and suggestions between emotion and innovation, for a new concept of highly innovative Hospitality, interpreted from the most futuristic solutions of materials, technologies and design. WT Hotel is the project of a techno-sensory hotel which interacts with the visitor and brings them into a dimension of hospitality made of entertainment, interactive and ecofriendly materials, with luminous and sensory surfaces and technological furnishings inspired from the nature.

The realization of a prototype of the WT Hotel by Host has demonstrated the complete feasibility and its elevated aesthetic rendered to the solutions proposed in the project, obtaining a strong consent of public with numerous proposals of application from operating hotel field and contract. The press field have strongly supported the project with tens of publications on the most prestigious magazines, resumptions and dedicated web pages. We thank the journalists for the important contribution of spreading the project with partner companies.

The interest from the innovative conception of hotel hospitality and wellness and from the application of technologies and innovative and highly eco-friendly materials has confirmed WT Hotel like a format of project who answers to the more sophisticated requirements of receptive highly characterized structur.

From the partner companies we want to thank: AVE, BS Moquette, Cerruti Baleri, Cesana, Cimadon, Driade, Emmemobili, Fast, Fontana Forni, Gervasoni, Gruppo Sogimi, Jonas Samson, Lamm, Lauretana, Lucifero’s, Maderclass, MHM Ambientare, Moroso, Mosaico Digitale, Nespresso, Oltremateria, Olympia Ceramica, Or Project, Sofar Sonear, Sony, Tensioart, Uno Contract Gruppo PMT, 4Tech.

Well-Tech, studio of planning and observatory that finds and takes a census of more meaningful innovations to international level and introducing them in its plans. The projected vision of Well-Tech, can be defined by NATURAL TECHNOLOGY and it is based on the comparison between materials and technologies of latest generation which are intelligent, interactive and above all of low environmental impact materials paired to organic forms, natural iconography of the vegetable world.

Totally satisfied of the positive result obtained from WT Hotel by Host, we have the pleasure to announce the next exhibition of WT Hotel by Horeca, fair specialized in contract that it from the 22 to 25 January in Athens – Greece. The organizers, will invite WT Hotel in order to offer a concept to hotel operators and people in contract field, who will see in Horeca a futuristic solution of receptive structure between emotion and innovation.

+ Project description courtesy of Well-Tech studio

CHIARA CANTONO introduction
I would like to thank Host for inviting us to present WT Hotel – a scenery of hospitality between emotions and innovation – and dedicate our project with a space of relief to this beautiful event.

It was a captivating challenge that has given us the opportunity to present to Host a preview of this project with its complexity, combining tradition and innovation, nature and technology all of which gave life to WT Hotel. For the realization of the project, we worked closely together with a number of extraordinary contributors. They were able to work with us in a remarkable way to give form to WT Hotel. Such contributions include the structure of coating,the furniture, the sensor y technology and the fabrics and accessories, all of which are designed by Well-Tech for WT Hotel.

WT Hotel by Host Hall 1 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

WT Hotel by Host Hall 2 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

HALL – WT Hotel
The entrance of WT Hotel introduces the visitor with a new dimension where reality is being transformed. The environment becomes animated and alive like a living organism that pulses, breathes,  lightens and communicates. Walking along the long corridor of luminescent fringes, like a submerged world, the visitor enters the Hall where the desk lightens itself emphasizing the vegetal motive with the welcome sign.

WT Hotel by Host suite 1 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

WT Hotel by Host suite 2 595x447 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

SUITE – WT Hotel
The suite is an oasis of prosperity that welcomes the guests in an environment with clean and essential lines as well as smooth, warm and natural surfaces. The white, neutral and relaxing space, as all the environments in WT Hotel, comes in to life and interacts with the guests, stimulating their emotions and senses. The textile of the walls light up, showing a lightening design of a forest. The closet lightens up with its opening, emphasizing thus the engraved decoration in the interior corian surface. Once the doors close, the curved surfaces returns to be white and neutral.

WT Hotel by Host Area wellness 1 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

The wellness area of WT Hotel is a solar, functional and relaxing space, the warm and natural materials like the wood combine with the most advanced technologies of new equipment for wellness.

WT Hotel by Host Area fitness 1 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

The fitness area is an harmonic and essential ambient, with coating wood, glass showers and fitness equipment. The corian’s closet luminance comes while the doors open, emphasizing the vegetal motive, spreading aroma and relaxing melodies. The solar window like in the other ambients of WT Hotel can be animated with video sceneries.

WT Hotel by Host restaurant 595x446 WT Hotel by Host | Chiara Cantono + Well Tech

WT Hotel by Host, rendering courtesy of Well-Tech

The restaurant recalls a forest holded between reality and immagination, a place to dream. Placed on the last floor of WT Hotel with wide windows on both sides, cover with transparent photovoltaic panels that hold the space with metaphysics dimensions between sky and earth. The big tables with a tribal shape surround the illuminated tree in a gesture of gathering around the source of light and warmness.

WT Hotel is designed as a multi-store hotel for an urban area or a tourist’s location. The conjunction of a natural finishing and slats of eco friendly wood make the design orientation natural-technology building externally, the wide windows that communicates the exterior of the building gives the techno-sensory value.

The material of the windows is a crystal LCD that discolor with electric drive, the interior of the suite and the various areas of WT Hotel projected different sceneries chosen by the user using a touch screen. This technology in addition to ensuring the privacy and replace the traditional curtains, allows the visitor to create within the various areas, sensorial atmosphers, immersive and changing the external interface, which is characteristic of the building, interacting with the urban context.

The horizontal declination of WT Hotel, its devoloped an designed for an urban area and tourist’s location, the coating wood shaped like a skin to create paths between one building to the other.

+ About Well-Tech

Well-Tech is a studio that takes care of planning and research in architecture and product field, oriented to the sustainable innovation. The Well-Tech team, guided by the architect Chiara Cantono, proposes a planned vision based on the dialogue between nature and technology.

The Well-Tech projects are born from the comparison between materials and technologies of latest generation, intelligent, interactive and sensory paired  with organic forms, icons of the nature and  natural materials. The studio envisages  on its works systems of alternative energy, and application of materials and technologies of  low environmental impact.

Click here for WT Hotel video-interview.

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