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• January 31, 2010

AIR CFA 01 C David Boureau plusMOOD 595x263 Apprentice Formation Centre | Air Architecture

Apprentice Formation Centre, image courtesy of Air | Photo by David Boureau

French architects Air have completed a raw yellow concrete extension to the Apprentice Formation Center in Saint Maur des Fossés, near Paris in France. The project comprises a new three-storey building containing a double volume hall, plumbers workshop, classrooms, and meeting rooms, as well as the refurbishment of an existing cafeteria, classrooms and offices.

+ Project description courtesy of Air Architecture

The extension of the Apprentice Formation Center is a compact and economic building. It achieves the composition of the complex of the Chambre des Métiers of the Val-de-Marne Departement, near Paris.

AIR CFA 05 C Denis Ferratier 7 plusMOOD 595x396 Apprentice Formation Centre | Air Architecture

Apprentice Formation Centre, image courtesy of Air | Photo by Denis Ferratier

The raw yellow concrete facade gives a clear identity to the building. It comes down on the ground and back up again the previously existing building, creating an open air sunny room, a generous public space linking the old and the new. On the existing building, the concrete defines an extension of the cafeteria.

AIR CFA 02 Façade rue C David Boureau plusMOOD 595x378 Apprentice Formation Centre | Air Architecture

Apprentice Formation Centre, image courtesy of Air | Photo by David Boureau

In a game of inversion, the new building backs its concrete facade and is based on a complex steel structure. The long span (20m) of the plumbers workshop is assured with full height beam that frames the second floor. The triangulations of these beams give the diamond shape of the upper level windows and the inclination of the zinc.


Creation of a new three level building : double-height hall, double height plumbers workshop, classrooms, meeting room with good natural light.
Rehabilitation of the existing : creation of a cafeteria, refurbishing of classrooms and offices.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Apprentice Formation Center
Location: Saint Maur des Fossés, France (near Paris)
Budget: $4,6M Euro
Project Area: 2,749sqm
Calendar :
Competition winning : March 2007
Delivery : September 2009

Architect: AIR (Cyrille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq)
Project team: David Pereyron, Noémie Pons Rotbardt, Arthur Couprie
Engineers: Betom
Acoustic Consultant: AYDA (Yves Dekeyrel)
Photographs: © Denis Ferrattier, David Boureau

Materials and energetic performances
Raw concrete tainted in mass
planted terrace
recuperation of rain water by a draining
80 kwh/m².year

Cyrille+Olivier Final plusMOOD 595x909 Apprentice Formation Centre | Air Architecture

Cyrille Hanappe + Olivier Leclercq, image courtesy of Air

+ About Designer’s Profile / Company Introduction

AIR was created in 2000 by Cyrille Hanappe, later on joined by Olivier Leclercq.

Air, Architecture, engineering, research

Air is a group of like-minded people sharing complementary skills and abilities.
Architects, urban planners, engineers, economists, all concerned with sustainable development, work together in order to harmonize technology and architectural thought.
This approach guarantees a complete coherence during the realization of the project

An innovative architectural formula

The objective is to attain a perfect equation between the structure’s context and its function, through an architecture that is evident, an architecture that innovates in its form and also optimises the program.

Sustainable development ahead of it’s time

Beyond common ecological norms, sustainable development, as we see it, implies a philosophy of true progress with respect for the environment and for the sustainability of construction.

Extending beyond expectation

Our competences have already taken form in hotels, apart’ hotels, cultural centers, commercial spaces, hospitals, shops, entertainment complexes, educational buildings, individual and collective housing and architectural exhibitions… AIR transforms the dreams of architecture in living spaces.

+ All images courtesy of Air architecture | Photo: © Denis Ferrattier, David Boureau

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