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• January 18, 2010

sosushi UAU plusMOOD 1 595x338 SOSUSHI Restaurant | UAU

SOSUSHI Restaurant, image courtesy of UAU

sosushi UAU plusMOOD 4 595x395 SOSUSHI Restaurant | UAU

SOSUSHI Restaurant, image courtesy of UAU

Italian design studio UAU has completed the SOSUSHI Restaurant in Turin, Italy.

The shop is increasing his business day by day and almost everybody who comes here is stunned by the design.

Giorgio Pettenuzzo, owner of the shop

+ Project description courtesy of UAU

The new take-away restaurant designed for the sushi brand Sosushi had to meet requirements of turning a small old stationery store, deep seated in the historical urban structure of the city, into a trendy place. UAU has been successful in maximizing the limited space offering each intersection of materials by using – shelves, benches and cubbies. This has helped avoiding nooks and corners to remain unused.

Made of clean cut shapes emphasized by matt white finish and furniture details colored magenta, the space, though overworked, is an harmonious composition balanced through the use of Plexwood.

Clearly referring to the minimal tradition of contemporary architecture, the architects succeeded in creating a place where a deep research on structure and shapes contribute to define a project, where each detail is not just left up to chance. Lighting fixtures have been selected and installed with the intention to highlight the food and drink on offer.

The shop is finished with Plexwood with matt white and magenta furniture to give an illusion of a spacious interior. The challenge of the project has been to optimize the space, “in the deep research of order and refinement that distinguish all our architectures, not avoiding pragmatism”.

sosushi UAU plusMOOD plan 595x595 SOSUSHI Restaurant | UAU

SOSUSHI Restaurant - Layout plan, drawing courtesy of UAU

sosushi UAU plusMOOD section AA 595x297 SOSUSHI Restaurant | UAU

SOSUSHI Restaurant - Section A-A, drawing courtesy of UAU

+ About


UAU has been established in 2001 by Francesco Mansueto, arch. Marco Verrando who were joined by arch. Gianluca Macchi in 2006. Office structure relies upon a team of professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, graphic and product design. The constant research of new ideas, trends, and technologies to be translated in a fully responsible and complete project is the way chosen to provide relevant and successful solutions.

Wanting to be always one step beyond we have reached a local and international recognition pursued through ten years of high-level professional experience.

In 2009 UAU has opened a new office in Los Angeles to challenge with an international contest after several experiences worldwide.


Sosushi is the first sushi franchising network in Italy. It prides itself on its design credentials as well as its food.With an extrovert menu based on genuine Japanese sushimen and enriched by creativity and Italian design. Sosushi also has its own sushi academy: Lune di Sushi.

+ Project data / credit

Architects: UAU
Location: Turin, ITALY
Client: SOSUSHI srl
Constructed Area: 45 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Enrico Muraro Photograph

+ All images and drawings courtesy of UAU

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