The Collections of SAAL Design

• January 31, 2010

SAAL Design, one of innovative and creative design studio in Portugal. Their mission is to create design furniture to provide people a better life, trying to understand new attitudes and new lifestyles.

SAAL‘s products are taletellers, to transmit feelings and emotions, on topics like life, memories, nostalgia or just the art of the world around us. They aim to connect people emotionally to each SAAL piece at home, providing elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable atmosphere.

SAAL is an irreverent, urban and bold brand, with no boundaries and want to invest in young talent taking their energy and genuine desire to do good and innovative design.

The production is based on the knowledge of decades, made with the famous production values of northern Portugal where they give special value to the craft work. SAAL associates the manual labour to the most advanced technology to develop our products making the rigor and quality their main objectives.

Elements such as quality, functionality, beauty and soul, are and will always be factors in any SAAL piece.

The following are some pieces of the collection by SAAL.

Foil 595x681 The Collections of SAAL Design

Foil, image courtesy of SAAL


With a vegetable pattern, this versatile piece is to divide and organize atmospheres in the same space, providing an overall pleasant environment for users.

towers sloping 595x429 The Collections of SAAL Design

Sloping, image courtesy of SAAL


Questioning the balance, the gravity and the symmetry, this piece intends to be a harmony point among these elements. Its figure lightly sloping provokes a disorder and a notion of purposed instability.

table tornado 595x446 The Collections of SAAL Design

Tornado, image courtesy of SAAL


Is a table with a smooth and elegant silhouette, with an asymmetric form, causing movement and dynamism.  It’s a piece built from a massive block of cork, giving it an individual character.  With several utilizations, may be used inside or outside.

suber 595x415 The Collections of SAAL Design

Suber, image courtesy of SAAL


Bench with a sculptural design, evoking asymmetric organic forms of a tree. Entirely built in cork, a unique material by their odd appearance and pleasant texture, 100% natural. This individual stool invites you to create your own single and dynamic installation.

sofa sunny 595x435 The Collections of SAAL Design

Sofa Sunny, image courtesy of SAAL


With a structure of stainless steel, elegant and with a very characteristic fabric makes this couch also an excellent choice for exterior. Very useful for those who like to enjoy good outdoors times.

center table halley 595x446 The Collections of SAAL Design

Halley, image courtesy of SAAL


This is a coffee table which aims through its futuristic language to break with the traditional canons of objects. Constructed in glass fibre with high-gloss finish, available in several colours, is a piece with strong personality.

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  1. José says:

    Nice pieces.
    Where to buy?

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hi Jose, please visit SAAL’s website to contact them directly for your queries.