5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

• March 28, 2010

The Festival des Architectures Vives 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier This year, «Between Shadow and Light» is the theme of  Le 5th Festival des Architectures Vives 2010 in Montpellier. About eleven lively architectures dreamed and conceived by architects will take place in the courtyards of private mansion in the centre of Montpellier during 17th – 20th June.

For more information about the Festival, please send a mail to asso_champlibre@yahoo.fr

+ Press release

Since 2006, The Festival des Architectures Vives tries to make people aware to architecture giving them tools to understand it by allowing people who live in town to meet people who draw the town.

This Festival offers young architects to propose, think, investigate and experiment new fields of architectural design in relation with the classic town. The courtyards of private mansion are seen with new eyes and it allows to have a global though about architecture in a urban context. It also allows the creation of an intimate relation between a contemporary architecture and a site with strong patrimonial character. Montpellier City and the Languedoc Roussillon have an architectural heritage very rich people are curious about. From this curiosity dialogue can start.

Thus, this Festival with those places open (usually they are closed) and their new views allowed by young architects is possible thanks the open-minded of the inhabitants and owners of those wonderful places.

The Festival allows walking in the centre of the city and take time to discover and re-discover it. The courtyards of private houses are thus connected between them with their particular creation by architects coming from all part of the world.

For this 5th edition, 170 teams composed of architects from all over the world (60% where teams from abroad : Spain, Germany, Italy, United States, Chile, Japan, Canada, Brazil, India…) have registered their submission in order to take part in the FAV.

From 17th to 20th june 2010, about eleven lively architectures dreamed and conceived by architects will take place in the courtyards of private mansion in the centre of Montpellier.

Each architecture is conceived for the festival and will answer the thematic set for this new edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives 2010 :

«Between Shadow and Light»

+ Thematic of the 5th Edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier

Between shadow and light

For this 5th edition of Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier, the locations chosen are in adequation with the historic city. One of the treasure of our region is the presence in the cities downtown of numerous private mansions. Montpellier counts more than seventy private mansions and as more courtyards. This way the goal of the Festival in Montpellier is on one hand to open up to the inhabitants, during the festival these emblematic places and on the other hand – thanks to the interventions of teams who will present a specific work in each place – to reveal an intimate relationship between contemporary architecture, an installation and heritage.

The city, set of numerous emotions and feelings, offers us spaces where we fell fine, others that calm us. Some of them disappoint us, or oblige us to modify our relationship to time and space. And there are also spaces like the courtyards that instigate our curiosity.

Historically, the courtyards, semi-public semi-private, have been allocated several functions, from place of representation, distribution reception, but today, they remain uninhabited. These spaces hide themselves behind heavy doors that question us, even though they remain discreet in the city. They delight us, when and only when we have the chance to have a glimpse of what the courtyard is like. We guess behind those heavy doors we will find a garden, a majestic staircase, an ancient pavement…

Just a glance at these spaces and our relationship to the city is changed. Our imagination is invited to complete the few architectural details we saw by surprise. The courtyards become real curiosities.

The Festival offers to play with this poetic and disconcerting nuance that consists in being both inside and outside. Spaces become confused. Let us find during the festival the pleasure to go all over the city to stroll from surprise to surprise. Let us find and reveal with games of spaces, games of colours and games of matters… the qualities of these courtyards and their particularities. Let us insufflate them life, thanks to the sensory pleasure of a place, thanks to the imaginary of an inhabited city and not only by crossing it.

Contemporary architecture will be revealed with ephemeral games between shadow and light and awake sleepy places. So inside or outside, let us simple look for the pleasure of space, of architecture and of the city.

+ Teams of the 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives


Laurent BARIAT / Fanny DOHEN – Architects
LYON – France

SPLACE- Andrea BOSIO / Giacomo CASSINELLI / Antonio LAVARELLO / Katia PERINI / Fabio VALIDO – Architects
GENOA – Italy

BIANCO STUDIO – Maurizio BURRAGATO / Giogio BURRAGATO – Architects
MILAN – Italy

VORTEX- Pierre LAURENT / Nicolas GRUN – Architects

Guillaume GIROD – Architect

LA MUTUELLE – Sonia SIFFLET / Maxime ENRICO / Emmanuelle CHIAPPONE-PIRIOU / Dimitri ROUSSEL – Architects
PARIS – France

ABC STUDIO – Yann CACLIN / Doonam BACK – Architects
NANCY – France

MONO – Fumiaki NAGASHIMA/ Mami Maruoka NAGASHIMA – Architects

Emilie QUENEY / Markus SCHORK – Architects
Paris – France


Guest University

College of Design
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Teacher : Michael McKay
Dean : Michael Speak

Students : Jordan Hines, Joanna Grant and Ricky Sparks

+ Lively architectures

The “Lively Architecture Festival” («Festival des Architectures Vives») is not to offer a manifesto but rather the assertion of an evolution of the architectural practice which, integrating all the related fields into its culture, no longer hesitates to continue in its achievement.

Lively Architecture is mutant and evolutionary by nature ; they are always specific, torn off with the emergency of the present. Fed up with traditionally formal or aesthetic one, they nourish themselves with experimentation. Inevitably they have the sense of humour, as well as humility.

While some would like to freeze architecture in the great mirror of History and Heritage, the Lively Architecture prefers the prerogative of use instead of royalties.

They are copyleft in their attitude and delight in any free and constructive re-use. Refusing the immutable during the festival, they question our daily environment. They aim at a large audience, they propose a sensory adventure and they offer a shifted glance. They want to develop and reveal.

Lively Architectures are object of desire, envy and they wish to offer sensory pleasure.

It is already the 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives, it give pleasure to the visitors, profesional architects, students, project leaders getting together for the event. Last year, visitors were about six thousand. Would it be creating a movement, a new trend in contemporary architecture?

+ Important numbers

39 applications from France
9 teams of architects, space designers and artists / 29 participants
3000 visitors

52 applications from France, Spain
9 teams of architects, landscape architects, artists + Studio ADN of the National and Superior School of Architecture of Montpellier, France, France / 38 participants
3500 visitors

70 applications from France, England, America, Spain, Switzerland
10 teams of architects, graphic designer, space designer + Master of Architecture of Elisava of Barcelone, Spain / 39 participants
5700 visitors

110 applications from France, England, America, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Italy, South America, Austria, Finland.
10 teams of architects, designers, graphic designer, researcher + Studio of architecture of the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan / 37 participants
6000 visitors

170 applications from France, England, United States, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Italy, South America, Autria, Finland.
10 teams of architects + Kentucky University

+ Lively Architectures
 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - CRISTALLISATION

Laurent BARIAT / Fanny DOHEN

Light reveals volumes and materials, could not it become itself material? Would not its passage in the physical state allow to reveal all its characteristics?

Its crystallization would offers the possibility of composing simultaneously with these various phenomenas.
Entered in an unknown place, the light comes to take shape, playing all its nuances, developing a sensitive course, leading gradually to the discovery of an inner courtyard. This place, where everything is suggested, diffuse, mark a progressive passage toward a dark space, where we perceive nothing. Finally, this place becomes the theater of abstracted reflections offering a new glance on the architecture in this hidden moment.

FAV10 Truthehole 595x397 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - TRUTHEHOLE


Light and shadow are key elements of the perception of architecture. With our project, the necessary condition for perception is light as material. Through this practice it’s possible to obtain a living and dynamic image of reality.
As Plato suggests in his allegory of the cave, we can perceive the world only through its projection. A tunnel leads the viewer from the street to the darkroom. The only links with the surrounding architecture are the images projected by the pinhole and the visitor feel like Plato’s prisoners. The real space is revealed when the observer exit the cave entering the courtyard. Will the correspondence be plain? In fact the images are upside down due to optics laws, and represent just a selection of reality. Finally, the pinhole method is a metaphor of the relation between architecture and users, which is influenced by the representation media: the architectures we talk, read and write about are images – plans, renderings, photos – rather than actually-lived spaces.

FAV10 Chasseur d Ombres 595x475 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - CHASSEUR D’OMBRE

BIANCO Studio – Giorgio BURRAGATO / Maurizio BURRAGATO

A good architecture is mainly made by two components : shadows and lights.

L’architecture est un jeu savant, correct et magnifique des volumes assemblés sous la lumière

Le Corbusier

The installation is made of paperboard recycled modules. Each module is a box with one face missing and replaced with a white paperboard. This white surface is folded into several manners and takes different shapes creating different lights-shadows effects.

These modules are assembled together into a grid, following a specific mesh design that creates a rhythmic surface. The modular system creates a circular space that can be crossed. Some faces of the boxes are colored or reflective in order to generate suggestions.

The users are invited to interact with it, by folding or molding the white paperboards and putting them into the boxes. So they can play directly with the shadows.

FAV10 ProjetVortex 595x453 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - VORTEX

Vortex – Nicolas GRUN / Pierre LAURENT

The installation wants to introduce a dialogue between the immateriality of the light and the physical presence of the architecture.

The project offers a device which prevents the solar radiations from escaping of it : a black hole.

The object’s dynamic enters in echo with the place. The courtyard is plunged into the shadow of the vortex.

The installation absorbs the daylight and restores it through a bright shape which changes with the hours the volumes and the reliefs of the courtyard. Vortex proposes a game which possesses the power to reveal the beauty of the architecture by putting it in the darkness.

FAV10 UpSkyDown 595x398 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - UP SKY DOWN

Guillaume GIROD

The installation propose to meet the light and touch it. It offers wide shadows area, some more intimate, more erased. It puts face to face these two protagonists : light and shadow.

In the courtyard, thousands of black balloons recreate a sky, within reach. It is just there, it moves slowly like waves, letting pass some sunbeams. The atmosphere reminds the moments of tension precedent a thunderstorm.

White threads realize sunbeams and come to impact the ground, drawing geometrical zones on it.

The installation proposes a simple language which revisits a universal theme : children imagining invisible forms looking at the sky.

FAV10 Kubor 595x401 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - KUB(OR)


The project is a mirror ball split up and scattered in the space of the courtyard creating a game between shadow and light.

A new roof of suspended cubes reflects, inverts and throws on the ground images of the courtyard and visitors.

FAV10 lumi AIR 595x502 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - LUMI-AIRAIR

ABC Studio – Doonam BACK / YannCACLIN

The material is an expression of light. In the space, the light spreads in the space and exists only by meeting with masses. Its intensity varies, the shadow is outlined.

The light becomes tangible. Game of reflection, lines of shadow.

The project is a physical expression of this relationship between light and material, solidifing it.

The space of a courtyard of mansion is ideal for this project, for its surface opened, allowing one scene of mirrors on the ground. With this installation, the court becomes a clearing in a forest : a moment of peace, opened, bright.

 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - UKIGUMO

UKIGUMO – Floating clouds
MoNo – Mami Maruoka NAGASHIMA / Fumiaki NAGASHIMA

The stage we try to create is a place filled with atmosphere of medieval France. Therefore we set a theme «the encounter ot two old styles of France and Japan» as the concept of our installation. In the courtyard, some clustered columns produce a space with Japanese independent sense, implying a Japanese traditional building. With the hotel’s own columns, we let two diferent countries columns emphasize their individuality with their own style.

A new relationship will born betwen two styles of columns thanks floating clouds «UKIGUMO», one of so important characters of Japanese old painting. In old pictures they are used as border and also connection between different scenes.We will fulfill this art work with contemporary industrial standard products, not Japanese traditional special materials.

By passing through several layers of nonwoven fabric balloons, daylight changes unevenlyand makes the unpredictable gradation of atmosphere between shadow and light.

FAV10 EntreOmbreEtLumière 595x416 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - OMBRE EN LUMIERE

Emilie QUENEY and Markus SCHORK

Some black elements scattered in the courtyard is an obstacle to the usual run of the sun, producing short-lived motives.

Every day, the changeable shadow comes to slide on the surfaces which constitute the court and give during one precise moment the key of the meaning, reconstituting on the ground the word «SHADOW»…

A plan decomposed into regular squares is distributed on 4 strata. The image of origin becomes only readable by the projection which reconstitutes it once a day. A blank surface marked on the ground comes to receive this image.

 5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives (Festival of Lively Architectes) of Montpellier

5th edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives - LAND.ART.SCAPE.ARCHITECTURE SHADOW


Hôtel de Sarret astonishes us. A lamp, out of scale, attracts one’s attention due to the austerity of the courtyard. We want to revalue the main characteristic of the courtyard thanks to a land.art.scape.architecture that gets integrated with the austerity of the place.

15.000 tealights (a common, inexpensive and ephemeral candle encased in a thin metal container) to generate a shadow thanks to the different colours used. At the same time, all tealights are numbered in order to single out.

During the last day, the visitors to the Hôtel de Sarret are allowed to collect a tealight. It is the way of spreading the land.art.scape.architecture all around the city and beyond.

+ Teams

Laurent BARIAT / Fanny DOHEN

After their studies in Versailles, Chicago and Lyon, Fanny Dohen and Laurent Bariat followed together their way in architecture. During their learning, they had the opportunity to share common experiences.

So, throughout these years, they developed common thoughts and will. They collaborated on competitions of ideas and temporary installations by creating the association Cube-A which, multidisciplinary by definition, promote creations.

Having both a particular interest for the light in architecture, they chose very early specific teachings allowing to develop this theme and then, they continued to cultivate it during the professional practice. The Festival of the Lively Architectures of Montpelier gave them the excellent opportunity to experiment, to conceive and to realize an installation delivering their interpretation of the light.

Gênes – ITALIE

Splace has been founded in 2009 by five young architects from Genoa, connected by common working, didactic and research experiences. The design team represents the result of previous collaborations, after sharing a formative path. The idea is to develop some of the most current architectural topics: the relationship with mass media, the issues about public spaces uses and transformations, the temporary reuse of abandoned buildings, the connections with other arts.
Splace is an informal, flexible and open organization, where different and complementary interests and skills mix up: urban sustainability, digital tools and languages for architectural analysis and design, photographic investigation, historical and aesthetical issues.
Splace works on graphics, photography, exhibition, urban happenings and installations, architectural competitions.

Milan – ITALIE

BIANCOSTUDIO was born in 2009 from Maurizio and Giorgio Burragato with the mission of reaching a top quality design level. They work above all on architecture, interior design and landscape.

They have been rewarded in many different competitions.
Giorgio Burragato (architect – Italy)

Since 1994 he works as freelance, in cooperation with many other architecture and engineering companies, in the fields of private buildings, constructions and housing.

In 2007 he won a special certification as “sustainability specialist”.
Maurizio Burragato (architect – Italy)

Since 2001 he started to work as freelance in Milan, in cooperation with many other architecture and engineering companies.

In 2008, after a six month experience working in China and Kazakhstan as project leader of many private projects, he decided to start up his own activity.

Nicolas GRUN / Pierre LAURENT
Strasbourg – FRANCE

Nicolas Grun and Pierre Laurent are both graduated from the Ecole d’Architecture of Strasbourg in 2007. Members of the collective ar’t’chitecte of Strasbourg, they intend to open soon their agency of architecture.

They experiment transverse architecture, in zero volume in a research for intensity rather than for density. They want to constitute the space without necessary buildings. Their interventions release the line and the space by giving power to the light and to the games of scales.

Their work is noticed during the competition Minimaouse 3, the days of the architecture of Strasbourg, the Bostik art trophy by the competition Algéco…

By fetivals as FAV is, they realize regularly experiments outside of the architecture and of the art through short-lived installations during festivals.

Guillaume GIROD
Grenoble – FRANCE

Guillaume Girod is gratuated of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Grenoble. He had the HMONP in 2009.

Convinced that the architecture is outside the walls of the school, diverse and varied experiences came to enrich the university way. Numerous ideas allowed to develop an autonomous thought and to begin to structure an approach.
The Guillaume Girod agency architect is created in November, 2009. The story is the base of development of projects. It is the founding element. It is the result of a constructed story which escapes in any formal logic, the approach is not reduced to the field of the architecture, it is open to secondary practices. It is multiple.

Paris – FRANCE

From the School of Architecture of Paris-La-Villette, we created La Mutuelle, the crossing of our four personalities, four singular practices which, beyond their differences, join in this collective platform of experiment.

The attention which we carry in the architecture, on the city and on the territory is the essential engine of our ambitions. Through our practice, we investigate the relation these fields have with their environment, by questioning us about the place in a society in perpetual evolution.

La Mutuelle is like a platform : the mix of our experiences and our skills, practical and theoretical, allowed us to bring to a successful conclusion several projects, in diferent scales and domains.

ABC Studio
Nancy – FRANCE

Abc-studio is the meeting of two architects of diferent culture and vision.

Doonam BACK and Yann CACLIN meets at the school of architecture of Nancy in which they were graduated in 2008. Of return of a 4 months around the world journey, the agency is created in 2009 in Nancy.

The work of the agency finds its roots in a definition of ethical values upstream to an architectural research. The main will is to develop the most just possible approach. For the architectural prejudices, for the human relationships, for the economic choices : quality of the place, dialogue, balance, conviction, simplicity.

ABC-studio is a place of expression and exchange of varied skills. By an opened approach, we develop a working spirit in permanent evolution.

Yokohama – JAPAN

MoNo is a Japanese first class architectural office of two architects : Fumiaki Nagashima and Mami Maruoka Nagashima, in Yokohama, Japan.

In 2009, MoNo carried out an exhibition of installation art «Light and Atmosphere in the Japanese way» in a suburb of Vienna, Autria, for the 140th friendship anniversary Japan-Austria. It expressed a space like Japanese bamboo forest, with many devices put lushly that moved softly and changed lights and atmosphere. Their work had been noticed in Japan and abroad.

The common denominator of their activities, installation art, product and architecture is to make up a world that has Japanese unique atmosphere by contemporary industrial technology, not by especial or limited traditional method and material. We will retry to create our own world in the FAV 2010.

Emilie QUENEY and Markus SCHORK
Paris – FRANCE

Emilie Queney studies decorative arts in Besançon, interior design at the school Boulle in Paris then architecture in the ENSAPB and the ENSAPLV. From 2002 till 2007, she works within agencies of architecture and interior design on Besançon, Berlin, Lausanne and Paris. From 2008 to today, she works in freelance in agencies of architecture in Paris, participates in competitions of architecture and landscape, draws in a studio.

Markus Schork was born in São Paulo in 1975. He studies design and photography at the school InD (Düsseldorf and Hamburg) with G. Rothemann and V. Heinze. In 2000, he creates Atelierschork with his brother Francisco. This collaboration concerns various projects going of the photography of architecture to numeric installations, in passing from 2003 till 2004 by the creation of the temporary galeriepostkarte, this gallery have for vocation the publishing of postcards of local artists. Today he works in Hambourg in freelance in the field of design and numeric media.

Barcelone – ESPAGNE

Josep Muñoz i Pérez, architect by Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, UPC 2002.

In 2006, FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) awarded Josep Muñoz i Pérez as a Young Emerging Architect. In 2008 The Architectural College of Catalonia awarded Josep Muñoz i Pérez as a Young Architect 2008.

Josep Muñoz i Pérez, as an architect, researches, participates, creates and experiments in different architectural fields, nowadays settled in jmp land.art.scape.architecture, slp.
His work has been awarded and published at national and international level.

+ Credits

Le 5th Festival des Architectures Vives 2010 in Montpellier is organized by the association Champ Libre, Elodie NOURRIGAT, President and Jacques BRION, architects in Montpellier.

Between Shadow and Light / FAV Montpellier 2010

With support of : La Ville de Montpellier, La Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, Région Languedoc Roussillon, FDI groupe, Crédit Immobilier de France Méditerranée, L’Ordre des Architectes, La Mutuelle des Architectes Français Assurances, KPMG

Broadcast partner : Maison de l’Architecture Languedoc Roussillon

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