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• April 23, 2010

This proposal by P+HS Architects is one of the short-lister for the international “36 The Calls Design Competition” run by the Architects Journal with developer Citu. Entrants were asked to draw up proposals for an ‘iconic’ commercial building in Leeds, on a tight car-park plot on the north bank of the River Aire.

The objective is to develop this prominent river side site in Leeds City Centre with a view to delivering a landmark development, worthy of it’s location between some of the most photogenic buildings in Leeds on this prestigious waterfront site.

Calls building PHS plusMOOD Panorama 595x234 36 The Calls Design Competition | P+HS Architects

Courtesy P+HS Architects

+ Design description courtesy of P+HS Architects

Our idea was to keep the scheme as legible as possible with a building design that could be described conceptually as four simple elements:
• Yellow skin
• Glass box
• Floor plates
• Core

Calls building PHS plusMOOD Front Cover 595x362 36 The Calls Design Competition | P+HS Architects

Courtesy P+HS Architects

The yellow skin has a dual role, acting as the superficial ‘iconic’ wrapping and contextualising the building with its form; it has been manipulated to reference the surrounding industrial roof-scape, and to dip down and connect the site with the water. The River Aire has played a defining role in the history of Leeds, and particularly The Calls. The connection is a stepped link that enables barges to moor up, creating a transport link, a summer garden or the start of a future walkway along the river.

Calls building PHS plusMOOD 2 595x341 36 The Calls Design Competition | P+HS Architects

Courtesy P+HS Architects

The glass box creates a flexible space that the developer can inhabit as required. It encloses the floor plates without detracting from the strong form of the skin. The building could simply be office space, but there is potential to create a ground floor restaurant with a stunning terrace over the water and above there could be unique, luxurious apartments with balconies.

Calls building PHS plusMOOD Environment Section 595x386 36 The Calls Design Competition | P+HS Architects

Courtesy P+HS Architects

The core is a key element of the scheme: whilst the core physically links the building together, the services housed within it link the building with the surrounding site. The building draws/rejects heat from the river through a series of heat pumps to control the internal temperature. Pipes submerged in the water like roots rise up though the core, pass through heat-exchangers, and spread out under the floor screed at each level, forming a direct relationship between the building, its occupants and the water.

+ All drawings and images courtesy of P+HS Architects

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  2. spasmody says:

    P+HS project is definitely the best proposal for “36 The Calls”

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  4. vincent says:

    nice design, although it seems a little out of place. in my opinion, it still possible for us to make the design prominent and sets apart beyond those neighboring buildings but not as much as to be out of place. isn’t it possible to maintain at least some connection to the area..?

    - vincent of http://www.etonproperty.com