Comion Jewelry Collection | Gonçalo Campos

• April 4, 2010

Comion Jewelry Collection Gonçalo Campos plusMOOD todos 595x446 Comion Jewelry Collection | Gonçalo Campos

Comion Jewelry Collection, image courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos has designed the Comion Jewelry Collection.

+ Design description courtesy of Gonçalo Campos

Made in 3D printing technology, representing the amazing possibilities offered by this new technology that makes virtually any shape possible to build.

All of these objects where designed and modeled in the computer, and after printed in steel.

The inevitable texture that this process produces is here used as a feature. The collection is made of a ring, two bracelets and a pendant neckalce, providing a whole range of acessories.

These are objects to represent the marvels of cutting edge technology and the possibilities it unveils. When worn they incorporate both, the contrast and harmony, of the human being and technology.

+ Design: Gonçalo Campos

+ All images courtesy of Gonçalo Campos
Comion Jewelry Collection | Gonçalo Campos

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