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• April 6, 2010

Othello CAPD plusMOOD 01 595x743 Othello | CAPD

Othello, image courtesy of CAPD

Japanese architectural studio CAPD has designed the Othello house in Japan.

+ Project description courtesy of CAPD | Translation: Yoko Fuchikawa

The construction site is approximately 100 square meters and is located in the corner of a dense, but quiet residential area in Hiroshima city. We planned it so that the space will suggest a bright and open feeling, despite being in a residential area.

Othello CAPD plusMOOD 5 595x396 Othello | CAPD

Othello, image courtesy of CAPD

To maintain privacy and a pleasant scenic view, we placed the rooms most essential to everyday life on the second floor: living room, dining room, and kitchen. Large oriel windows in the living room and dining room serve as frames for the view. Also, the depth of the windows makes the interior invisible from the outside.

Furthermore, we created an unusually bright space within a dense residential area by allowing for light to enter through the oriel windows, balcony and roof light window.

Othello CAPD plusMOOD 7 595x743 Othello | CAPD

Othello, image courtesy of CAPD

Othello CAPD plusMOOD PLAN 595x773 Othello | CAPD

Othello - Floor plans, drawing courtesy of CAPD

+ Project credit / data

Title: Othello
Design: CAPD, Inc.
Architects: Kazuo Monnai, Yohichi Takahashi, Yosuke Hara, Hirokazu Ohara, Dai Tsunenobu
Construction: Okada Komuten Co., Ltd.
Intended purpose: Residence
Location: Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima prefecture, Japan
Site area: 100.00 sqm
Total floor space: 127.08 sqm
Number of stories: 2
Structure: Conventional wooden construction
Year of completion: 2007
Photographer: Keiichi Moto, Toshiyuki Nakao (cactus)

profile 595x449 Othello | CAPD

Kazuo Monnai (Left) + Yohichi Takahashi (Right), courtesy of CAPD

+ About CAPD

Established: 2002

Owner/ Management

Kazuo Monnai (Photo:Left)
1999 Graduated from Hiroshima Institute of Technology Polytechnic
1999 A.A.C Architects Office
2000 Urban Landscape Designers & Architects
2001 Kisuke Design
2002 Established C.A.P Design
2003 Established Project Team MosWorks
2004 Reorganized to CAP Design
2009 Reorganized to CAPD, Inc.

Yohichi Takahashi (Photo:Right)
2000 Graduated from Hiroshima Institute of Technology Polytechnic
2000 A.A.C Architects Office
2004 Atelier UD
2004 Joined CAP Design

+ Design Philosophy of CAPD

CAPD (formerly CAP Design) is an architectural design firm based in Hiroshima. We work both in Japan and internationally, with our international work centered in New York. At CAPD, we aim to avoid established stereotypes and instead use our own five senses to determine what is essentially necessary, paring away excess elements to create structures with greater universality. Our goal is architecture that uses the fewest possible elements to achieve the greatest possible impact.

+ All images and drawings courtesy of CAPD

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