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• May 15, 2010

Enramada REC Arquitectura plusMOOD 10 595x446 Enramada | REC Arquitectura

Enramada, image courtesy of REC Arquitectura

Enramada REC Arquitectura plusMOOD 14 595x446 Enramada | REC Arquitectura

Enramada, image courtesy of REC Arquitectura

Mexico-based firm REC Arquitectura has designed the sustainable office building – Enramada in Morelos, Mexico.

+ Project description courtesy of REC Arquitectura

Besides having a glass facade, we are on each level leaving free all the bounded side and central cube, to provide natural illumination to all the plants and in that way required less use of artificial illumination, this natural illumination will go down to the parking lot on the first floor, saving the energy consume by artificial illumination.

Enramada REC Arquitectura plusMOOD 02 595x446 Enramada | REC Arquitectura

Enramada, image courtesy of REC Arquitectura

The interior divisional walls on the side of the hall of the illumination cube must have a glass line from the level of the door (2.10 mts) up to the ceiling in order to allow the entrance of natural light inside each office.

All the roof will received the pluvial water and it is directed to individual deposits for the bathrooms and to drip water the vegetation on the side wall.

Enramada REC Arquitectura plusMOOD 09 595x414 Enramada | REC Arquitectura

Enramada, image courtesy of REC Arquitectura

Cross ventilation
Ventilation must always have an access and an exit to create a natural draft, in the building it will be created by having all the side free and the central cube empty.

Freeing warm air
With the knowledge that warm air always goes up, the facade, the sides of the building and the central cube have continuity so the warm air goes up and can be free through one of the breathings turn towards the outside.

Gathering fresh air from the street
The building’s facade is thought to direct the fresh air from the street to the inside of our project (not only at a vehicular level from the first floor), because these flat folds of the façade glass are thought as a big winger that gathers and redirects the air towards the interior.

Vegetation Identity
Cuernavaca has among several characteristic elements to have an ideal climate for vegetation and green walls with climbing plants, which we consider a suitable strategy for a contemporary building.

It is proved that the best job performance is when the environment is more natural and with vegetation, the side wall with climbing plants will allow to see a natural vegetation across all the floors.

Vegetation is a great natural support to refresh air because the plants evaporated water, and this water in the environment raises the comfort level.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Enramada
Location: Av. Díaz Ordaz #12 , Col. Cantarranas, Cuernavaca, Morelos
GFA: 650 m2
Architect: REC Arquitectura
Design: Rec Arquitectura, Maria Guadalupe Morales Garcia, Aika Yamakita, Julia Miranda Flores, Octavio Traveceras Arce, Domingo Granados, Maria Jose Jimenez Muñoz, Gerardo Recoder
Structural design: Ivan Recoder
Client: Familia Chevez
Construction Supervision: Fritzia Chevez

+About Rec Arquitectura
 Enramada | REC Arquitectura

Gerardo Recoder, image courtesy of REC Arquitectura

Rec Arquitectura, founded by Gerardo Recoder since 2002.

Architecture and construction office led by young architects with a wide range of experience in different building types, where the design solution dialogues directly with the client and architect’s aspirations.

The office focuses on: research, teaching, private and public commissions, international scenarios, theories, sustainability [passive systems], construction, cutting edge design tools, lecture, workshop and above all, VIABILITY on each project; professional expertise interested in developing art and craft.

Understanding “less is more” in….” how to do more with less”

+ All images and drawing courtesy of REC Arquitectura

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