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• May 3, 2010

Christian Harrup has designed the minimal lamps Verse(uni) Pendant and ‘Bend’ lamp.

+ Design description courtesy of Christian Harrup Design
verse uni Christian Harrup Design plusMOOD 1 595x340 Verse(uni) Pendant + ‘Bend’ Lamp | Christian Harrup Design

Verse(uni) Pendant, courtesy Christian Harrup Design

Verse(uni) Pendant 2009
Verse (taken from universe) uses an indirect light source not visible from it’s exterior. A filter distributes the light through perforations through the concave underside. This inturn gives the effect of a star constellation through pin pricks of lights intensifying towards the centre. The convex upperside of the light illuminates so to be visible if viewed from above venting heat away from the LED light source.

The construction of the light is made of injected moulded Polycarbonate and is separated into two distinct elements that are clip together for maintenance. The Led light source is fixed to the underside of the upper element and the frosted lens is placed into a fixed channel on the lower element of the light to distribute the light evenly. The diameter of the light is 50cm and 9cm high. There is also the option to use different colours and textures for both the upper and lower elements allowing for a multitude of colour and textural variations. The pendant is intended for both commercial and domestic applications.

bend Christian Harrup Design plusMOOD 5 595x404 Verse(uni) Pendant + ‘Bend’ Lamp | Christian Harrup Design

‘Bend’ 2009, courtesy Christian Harrup Design

‘Bend’ 2009
Is a simple LED source lamp that can be produced either as a table, bedside, or floor lamp. Powder coated paint finished aluminium with a directional diffuser that is inspired by print pixilation and perforated embossing. The angle of the bend directs the light in a more purposeful manner akin to a task light yet the design allows it to act as an up lighter if need be.

The lighting effects are envisaged to be theatrical and fun and can be interchangeable too for less complex lighting effects.

Bend Desk Lamp is 44cm high 20cm wide
Floor lamp is 160cm high and 32 cm wide
Pendant Light is 90cm diameter and 15 cm high.

+ Designer: Christian Harrup Design |

+ All images courtesy of Christian Harrup

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  1. spasmody says:

    very nice, Verse(uni) Pendant is my favourite

  2. Puffin says:

    I love the Bend lamp. Elegant yet simple.

  3. josh says:

    Have to agree both are great. Verse(uni) is my favorite.

  4. sarah says:

    are these availabile to buy?

  5. Jimmy says:

    hi sarah, please contact the designer directly whether the creations have been launched in the market.