WATG Wins Radical Innovation in Hospitality Design Competition

• May 30, 2010

The design firm WATG won first place in the 2010 Radical Innovation in Hospitality Competition for their entry, Mosaic. The award, which was founded by The John Hardy Group and co-sponsored by Hospitality Design, recognizes ingenuity in built or unbuilt hospitality concepts. There were more than 30 entries from eight different countries.

The challenge was to create a versatile open source hospitality solution that is portable, reusable, and adaptable to multiple environments and locations. WATG invented this innovative modular design which can be grouped together to form the organic and radical Mosaic Hubs that comprise various amenities for the community’s’ need.

Mosaic WATC plusMOOD 02 595x330 WATG Wins Radical Innovation in Hospitality Design Competition

Image courtesy of WATG

The Radical Innovation competition is a unique opportunity for great designers to explore the future of hospitality… We asked some of our bright young minds to create a design that addresses hospitality beyond the standard hotel, something that would respond to all that is going on in the world today, and they certainly delivered.

Mike Seyle, CEO of WATG

Mosaic WATC plusMOOD 17 595x238 WATG Wins Radical Innovation in Hospitality Design Competition

Image courtesy of WATG

Mosaic WATC plusMOOD 18 595x238 WATG Wins Radical Innovation in Hospitality Design Competition

Image courtesy of WATG

The Mosaic PATHWAY (Portable Adaptable Temporary Hotel With Alternative You-ses) allows governments, developers, entrepreneurs, hoteliers, private organizations, and charitable aid societies the opportunity to create, design, develop and implement amazing new hospitality, vacation, housing, emergency shelter and support structures that are functional, beautiful, simple and adaptable to numerous situations in almost any geography. The organic, geometric-shaped Prisms of the PATHWAY system are collapsible for ease in transportation, are pre-fitted with built-in fixtures and furnishings, and come with self-contained energy, plumbing and lighting systems and self-leveling foundations. Please click here to read the full description.

Through their internal office-wide collaborative efforts they were able to tap into a wide spectrum of ideas that went beyond pure design and were able to reflect the effects of the Great Recession on the values and priorities of hospitality thinking today. It was a unique submission that not only offered a new approach to hospitality development, but also provided a useful solution for temporary housing needs for special events and disaster situations. The concept was well thought out and was a good balance between radically innovative thought and feasible implementation potential. All in all, the voting audience got the winner right for the fourth straight year.

John Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group

+ About Mosaic

An outgrowth of temporary relief shelter, the global Mosaic brand defines and delivers affordable, pop-up hospitality—prefabricated and portable to virtually anywhere. WATG invented Mosaic as entirely flexible, comprised of individually configured, modular Prisms, outfitted as needed as spas, salons, guestrooms, mini-homes (multiple Prisms such as kitchenette and bedrooms), or tented villas (an addition to a luxury resort at peak season). Grouped together, Mosaic Prisms are attached organically to Mosaic Hubs that comprise and contain lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounges, and other amenities.

WATG’s pop-up concept allows for discovery and adventure in new locations, and provides modular and flexible guest accommodations at existing properties to capture additional peak-season business. For adventure travel and “voluntourism,” hybrid vacation and volunteer work experience/disaster relief, Mosaic Hubs and Prisms accommodate volunteers and then remain as housing for local communities.

+ Project credits / data

Project: Mosaic
Design: WATG
Design team: Jerod Costner, Karen Mitri and Krystal Solorzano.

Status: 1st place Radical Innovation in Hospitality Competition
Judges: Claude Amar, of the John Hardy Group, Michael Medzigan of Watermark Capital Partners, Jena Thorton of Kennedy Associates Real Estate, Simon Turner of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and James Woods of Keen Partners.

+ All images courtesy of WATG

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